Africa’s most famous elephant dies in Kenya

Many people have learned about the elephant through his involvement in BBC documentaries.
The most famous African savannah elephant and owner of one of the largest tusks named Matt died in Kenya at the age of 52. According to Nairobi News, the death of the animal was due to natural causes, his body was found during a detour by the staff of one of the anti-poaching units and reported to the Kenya Wildlife Authority.

The elephant was more than three meters tall and weighed more than 6 tons. In 2002, he was attached to a satellite sensor to track movements and learn about the danger in time.

In his lifetime, Matt has traveled far more than any other Kenyan elephant that Save the Elephants has equipped with a tracking sensor. He often moved away from Meru National Park for tens of kilometers, visiting the neighboring three parks, including Samburu.

Many people have learned about the elephant through his participation in BBC documentaries that tell the story of the life of Kenyan fauna, “The Secret Life of Elephants,” “These Are Wild Beasts,” “Epic Journeys in Nature.”

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In 2017, Save the Elephants founder Iain Douglas-Hamilton captured the scene of Matt’s fight with another male when he became so carried away that he did not notice how he found himself in the thick of the fight and could barely escape.

Earlier it was reported that six elephants died in Thailand trying to save the baby elephant. The cause of the misfortune was the fall of the baby elephant into the abyss at the waterfall.