After the call to Kiev. Is Trump threatening impeachment

Trump's impeachment.

The announcement of the scandalous conversation with Zelinsky is expected today. In the meantime, Democrats have launched a procedure to remove the president from power.
The U.S. launched the procedure of impeachment of President Donald Trump, the reason for which was a scandal, which erupted because of a phone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky on July 25.

According to media reports, Trump tried to put pressure on the Ukrainian authorities in order to get dirt on former US Vice President Joe Biden, his main opponent in the upcoming presidential elections.

In the Democratic Party, Trump’s actions were considered the abuse of office and a serious violation of the American Constitution. tells the details.

Conversation with Zelensky led to the impeachment
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is described as the informal leader of moderate Democrats in Congress, announced the start of the investigation, which could end with a vote to impeach the president in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Democratic Party, which controls the lower house of Congress, accuses Trump of abuse of office. Pelosi instructed six House committees to launch an investigation into the president’s actions.

“The actions taken by the president to date have seriously violated the Constitution, the House of Representatives is launching a formal investigation into the issue of impeachment,” the politician said, noting that Trump should be responsible for his actions.

According to the Washington Post, Pelosi has so far been an opponent of impeachment. But now she has begun to find out the opinion of party members about the possibility of bringing formal charges against the president. And, as the publication notes, most agree with it.

Pelosi asked whether Trump’s pressure on Green skier to create a compromise on Biden was the “red line” that the president of the United States could not cross.

It’s about a conversation between presidents on July 25 that alarmed U.S. intelligence. A National Intelligence Officer working in the White House filed a complaint against Trump over the content of the conversation.

As it turned out later, the head of the service Joseph Maguire received it, but instead of appealing to Congress, as required by law, discussed the issue with the Department of Justice.

The New York Times last week learned the contents of Trump’s conversation with Greensky. During this conversation, the American president expressed hope that the new Ukrainian government will complete the investigation into corruption cases “that hindered the interaction between Ukraine and the United States.”

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The tool of pressure on Kyiv was the freezing of military aid in the amount of 250 million dollars allocated by the U.S. Congress.

The U.S. president later admitted that he had asked Green to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, but said it was inappropriate to characterize it as pressure.

Recall that in May 2014, Hunter Biden, shortly after his father’s visit to Kyiv, became a member of the board of Cyprus-registered Burisma Holdings, engaged in gas exploration and production in Ukraine.
After the call to Kiev. Is Trump threatening impeachment

Trump also acknowledged that he delayed the payment of about $400 million in military aid to Ukraine for about two months.

The American president allowed to publish a transcript of the conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart. He also said that the relevant permission was received from the government of Ukraine. The conversation is expected to be made public today, September 25.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post has learned that some members of the U.S. presidential administration tried to prevent this phone conversation and later a face-to-face meeting between Trump and Green.

They allegedly foresaw that Trump would try to obtain compromising information. The meeting of the two presidents is scheduled for today, September 25, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York.

What are the chances of dismissal of Trump
Impeachment of the President means that he is charged with serious crimes, such as treason and bribery. Impeachment may be followed by the removal of the president from power.

Moreover, the full list of violations, prosecuted in the order of impeachment, is not given in the U.S. Constitution. Congressmen determine whether the president’s crimes are sufficient to impeach him.

Pelosi has previously long resisted attempts to initiate trump’s impeachment proceedings, which her party left-wing has advocated. The main argument was opinion polls, which showed that the idea of impeachment of Trump does not enjoy the support of the majority of Americans.

However, the first polls after the “Ukrainian scandal” indicate a shift in the mood of U.S. citizens. So, according to a YouGov poll, 55 percent of American adults more or less support Trump’s impeachment.