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After the failure of Mueller, the Deputy U.S. attorney General leaves his post

First Deputy Minister of justice and attorney General Rod Rosenstein sent a letter to the President of the United States Donald Trump asking to accept his resignation, reports NBC. The appeal was also published by the Ministry of justice. In it, Rosenstein informs the President that he will leave the Ministry of justice in two weeks — May 11.

It is assumed that the reason for the departure of Rosenstein from his post was the failed report of special Prosecutor Robert Mueller about the alleged “interference” of Russia in us presidential election in 2016. Despite almost two years of work, Mueller could not prove the fact of “collusion” trump with Russia, as well as to give at least some convincing evidence of “interference” of the Russian Federation. It is worth noting that the work of Mueller all this time was supervised by Rosenstein.

“The average term of office of the Deputy Prosecutor General is 16 months, and few have stayed longer than two years. I submit my resignation on May 11,” ― said in a letter sent to Trump Deputy Prosecutor General.

In it, Rosenstein expressed the view that us Department of justice was able to achieve “rapid progress” in achieving its law enforcement agenda in the first two years of the trump administration. In the letter, the Deputy Prosecutor General also pointed out that us elections are now even “more protected”, and Americans are better informed about “thefts of intellectual property and launches of cyber attacks”, “hidden efforts of foreign influence and schemes of fraud.”

Note that Rosenstein ordered the appointment of Mueller spectaculorum for investigation of possible relations campaign headquarters of Donald Trump with Russia. He also supervised the “investigation”. Trump himself has repeatedly criticized Rosenstein as the person responsible for overseeing the investigation of the Special Prosecutor.

Earlier in us media, it was reported that after the inauguration of the new Attorney General William Barr Rosenstein will resign. To finish the report of special Prosecutor Muller, the Deputy Prosecutor General agreed to postpone his departure.

The report, prepared by Muller, has 448 pages. The head of us Department of justice William Barr reported that the investigation involved 19 investigators, 40 FBI agents and other representatives of the intelligence community. It just was sent to 2800 subpoenas and interviewed 500 witnesses. All this activity cost American taxpayers $ 35 million. At the same time, the fact of Trump’s “collusion” with Russia, about which a number of media wrote since 2016, has not been confirmed.

Many media began to write about the futility of Muller’s report long before its publication. Muller’s lack of evidence was indirectly confirmed by the fact that in March several high-ranking members of the special Prosecutor’s team left it without waiting for the publication of the “investigation”. According to the press, Rosenstein’s departure from the post can be caused by the same factors – unwillingness to “sink” together with Mueller. At the same time, Rosenstein wants to defend Muller’s report in his farewell speech. Earlier, trump sent for approval to the Senate of us Congress the candidacy of Rosenstein’s successor Jeffrey Rosen.

April 25 lawyer of the Russian company “Concord”, owned by businessman Eugene Prigogine, Eric Dubelier demanded to bring Muller and Barr to justice. “Concord” is the defendant in the case of the so-called “Russian interference” in the election of the American President in 2016. As the lawyer noted, Barr and Mueller grossly violated the rules of the criminal code of the district of Columbia 57.7, when they published information about the guilt of the accused, and also shared their views on the guilt of the accused. This policy of judicial officials deprived Concord of its right to a fair trial. Moreover, the US authorities still refuse to give Concord access to 3.5 million pages of alleged evidence but reserve the right to voice their own unilateral and biased version.

Recall, the Russian side initially denied all accusations of alleged “interference” in us elections in 2016. Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the deplorable results of the “investigation”, recalled the famous expression “mountain gave birth to a mouse.” The press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov also pointed out that all the accusations of the special Prosecutor against Russia and its citizens in connection with us elections “are untenable and have no grounds.”

Trump also called Muller’s investigation “illegal witch hunting”. Analysts believe that this story will turn against Mueller and those who tried to settle scores with the Republican party and trump with the hands of the Special Prosecutor.

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