After the speech at the UN, lavrov was lined up for a huge queue

After the speech at the UN, lavrov was lined up for a huge queue

Moscow, September 28. A huge queue of those wishing to talk with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov lined up after his speech at the UN General Assembly. This was written on Facebook by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova
According to media reports, the hall was full during Lavrov’s speech. At the beginning of the speech, the minister thanked journalists who showed interest in Moscow’s positions on international issues.

Earlier, reported that Lavrov announced Moscow’s plans to try to return relations between the U.S. and Russia to “normal”, at least in the context of cooperation between diplomats. But the minister acknowledged that the result depends not only on the Russian side, which will look for appropriate “stimulating measures.”

Lavrov also commented on the statement of the Us House speaker Nancy Pelosi about Moscow’s alleged “involvement” in the scandal surrounding the July conversation between the US and Ukrainian presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Zelinsky.

“Paranoia, in my opinion, is obvious to everyone,” the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry was quoted as saying by RT.

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Pelosi claimed that Russia allegedly had anything to do with the conversation between the leaders of the two countries, during which the White House host allegedly pressured his Ukrainian counterpart. She did not specify how Moscow is connected with this.

“It is wrong when a foreign government interferes in our elections, and in this case, the President of the United States asked for just that. By the way, I think that Russia had a hand in this,” the congresswoman said.