AI offered a better tax system

AI offered a better tax system

Each state is built on taxes and fees. Without them, not only the development of states and social programs is impossible, but also its very existence. Despite the fact that for centuries and millennia people have known this concept, it’s impossible to develop a tax system that allows all people to live with dignity

It does not work, first of all, for objective reasons. People often do not behave as they should; political conditions and the global economy change. All this does not allow economists to develop one “correct” model of the tax system for a long time. In search of a result, scientists decided to connect artificial intelligence. For this, the economic game AI Economist was invented.

The game turned out to be a secret. He is that her characters, trading with each other and standing at home little men, are controlled by AI. In addition, the game itself is also controlled by artificial intelligence. This allows you to quickly respond to the behavior of characters while learning. In accordance with this, the taxation system is changing.

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The result that the researchers shared is interesting. It turned out that AI was able to create a tax system 16% more efficiently than one of the best economists of our time offers. And compared with the current model in the United States today, it turned out to be even more effective. It is said that her secret is that AI takes higher taxes from the rich and relatively poor, making relief for the middle class.