Air crash in Pakistan: media report survivors

By | May 22, 2020
Air crash in Pakistan: media report survivors

The crash survived the head of a major Pakistani bank, media reported. Authorities specify the number of dead.
As a result of the crash of a passenger plane in Pakistan, at least two people survived, the Associated Press reported, citing a source in the country’s Civil Aviation Authority. At the same time, Reuters reports that at least one person survived.

Also, a video appeared on the network in which, it is alleged, the surviving head of a large Pakistani bank, Zafar Masoud, who is listed among the passengers of the ship.

Also, several children were saved from the crash site.

According to preliminary data, 98 people were on board, while everyone is considered dead. Also, several people died in the buildings on which the plane crashed.

According to TASS with reference to the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, the cause of the crash of the A320 could be a technical malfunction.

The department said that on the audio recordings of the negotiations between the pilots and the controllers, it is audible that the crew commander reported a technical problem, he decided to go on the second circle. At the same time, both airport runways were free. When approaching, the crew informed the controllers about the engine failure and then transmitted a distress signal.

The plane was flying to Karachi from the city of Lahore.

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