Air Force training plane crashes in Pakistan

The incident with the Pakistan Air Force plane was the second in a week. Earlier, a Mirage fighter jet training and combat modification in Punjab province crashed.
A Training and Combat Aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force crashed near the city of Mardan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. This is reported by Geo TV with reference to the statement of the spokesman of the Air Force of Pakistan on Wednesday, February 12.

A training and combat fighter jet of the Pakistan Air Force crashed during a training flight. The pilot was able to catapult to the crash,” the statement said, which did not specify the model of the plane.

The Air Force has already decided to investigate the cause of the crash.

It is noted that today’s incident was the second in a week. On February 7, a Mirage fighter jet crashed during a training flight in Punjab province. The pilot also managed to escape.

It was also reported that an FT-7 fighter jet crashed in Pakistan on January 7. Then both pilots died. The plane was on a training flight and crashed about 300 km from the city of Lahore.

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Recall, in late December in the Khabarovsk region of Russia, crashed the newest fighter T-50. The pilot managed to catapult.