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Aircraft Su-27 crashed into the Black Sea

The Su-27, according to preliminary data, crashed in the Black Sea during scheduled flights. This is reported by TP with reference to the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

The department said that the fighter disappeared from the radar screens over the Black Sea, 50 kilometers from Feodosia in the Crimea. This happened in the evening, around 20:10, March 25. A minute later, an emergency beacon signal was recorded in the area.

A small anti-submarine ship, An-26 aircraft, Mi-8 helicopter, and civilian ships were sent to the place where the signal was recorded. Searches are complicated by difficult weather conditions.

Earlier, in December 2019, the Su-57 accident was reported, which was to become the first fifth-generation serial fighter, adopted by the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS). The incident occurred 111 kilometers from the Dzemgi-based airfield in the Khabarovsk Territory during tests from the manufacturer. The plane did not belong to the Ministry of Defense, there was a civil aviation pilot at the helm.

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