Al-qaeda drones from Idlib attack Hmeimim 118 times

Al-qaeda drones from Idlib attack Hmeimim 118 times

Russian air defenses in Syria destroyed 58 unmanned aerial vehicles that tried to attack the airbase of the Russian Air Force Khmeimim. In total, over the past two years, the Russian military has destroyed 118 drones launched by terrorists, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said. Most of the drones were launched from the territory of Idlib province, which is held by militants associated with the banned international terrorist organization Al-Kaida in Russia.

The effectiveness of Khmeimim air defense is very high, Konashenkov noted – the militants’ combat drones were hit on the principle of “one missile, one target” and never managed to damage the personnel or infrastructure of the Russian airbase. all of them were launched from the Idlib de-escalation zone, and radical jihadists from the banned “Jebhat al-Nusra” in Russia were behind it. Equipment needed to create a “terrorist air fleet” militants were able to simply buy over the Internet – including in neighboring Turkey. al-Sham, created by al-Nusra leaders for political reasons, even singled out a separate “air wing” based in the town of Maaret al-Numan. The Hmeimim attacks were politically important to the jihadists, even though the shells and drones did not reach their target.
Al-qaeda drones from Idlib attack Hmeimim 118 times

The defense ministry spokesman stressed that the militants in Idlib have repeatedly improved the means of attack. Instead of the first self-assembled drones at the disposal of radicals appeared serial machines, there were drones-relays that are able to transmit commands to all “swarms” during the attack, drones grow the capacity of fuel tanks
Many devices are absolutely identical, but the filling is constantly different. There is no doubt that the terrorists have been hit by technologies related to the control system, the navigation system, the munitions drop-off system in the designated area. It is a matter of concern that whoever owns these technologies has provided this information to terrorists,” Konashenkov said.

The Russian airbase is covered not only by air defense systems but also by electronic warfare systems. They allow intercepting the control of drones – some of them the Russian military managed to land and capture intact.

Some time ago, at the Beijing Xiangshan Forum in China, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Colonel-General Alexander Fomin said that in one of the largest attacks on Khmeimim, drones were coordinated with American spy plane Poseidon P-8. The Lebanese news agency Al-Masdar quotes Fomin as saying that when The Russian EW systems met the drones, control of them was intercepted from the Poseidon. After receiving the new orders, the drones regrouped for a new attack, after which they were destroyed. The Deputy Minister of Defense stressed that high-tech weapons systems should not fall into the hands of terrorists – and China should make sure that it’s developed The market did not become a source of weapons for militants.
Al-qaeda drones from Idlib attack Hmeimim 118 times

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The SAA offensive in Idlib began in large part because of the fact that airstrikes were carried out from the de-escalation zone, including airstrikes, on Syrian troops and the Khmeimim airbase, a member of the expert community “Officers” recalled in an interview with the Federal News Agency. Russia” Alexander Perenjiev. According to the FAN interlocutor, the active use of technologies such as drones and means of countering them reveals the real background of the Syrian war.

“In this case, the real role of the militants in Syria is clearly visible – in fact, they are not independent actors in the war against the SAA and the Russian Federation, they are the militias of the United States. The U.S. is fighting the war against Russia in Syria. This should be clearly stated – even if the generals are uncomfortable to call things by their names,” Alexander Perenjiev announced.
Al-qaeda drones from Idlib attack Hmeimim 118 times

The current situation in the Middle East is such that several sides are engaged in a secret struggle, using “proxy troops” or using “anonymous” methods of strikes, such as drones. As an example, we can recall the constant strikes against Iranian forces in Iraq and Syria by Israeli drones, “winged killers” that are difficult to track and bind to certain perpetrators. The most striking such episode in recent times was an airstrike allegedly carried out by Houthi drones on the Aramco oil depot.” Russia, willingly or unwittingly, gradually enters into this high-tech struggle – we kind of fight with terrorists, but in fact, we are at second to the United States, – Alexander Perenjiev stressed. “In the West, UAVs are beginning to be widely used for military purposes, and drone airstrikes are becoming ubiquitous – it is worth remembering at least the Houthi strike on an oil base in Saudi Arabia. The Patriot missile systems did not shoot down these drones, just because they are controlled from the same center.”
1 The organization is banned in Russia.