Alcoholic monkey was left without a drink and killed a man

By | June 18, 2020
Alcoholic monkey was left without a drink and killed a man

In India, an alcoholic monkey killed one person and injured another 250. The aggressive behavior of the animal is explained by the fact that the monkey has run out of alcohol, the Daily Mail writes.
The primate, nicknamed Kalua, used to be the occultist’s pet, who gave the animal strong alcoholic drinks. However, after the owner died, an alcohol-free Calua began to roam the streets and attack people. So, women and girls suffered from the monkey’s aggressive behavior: dozens of children now need the services of a plastic surgeon due to the fact that the primate tore their faces with their fangs. According to IANS, one of the 250 bitten Kalua victims died.

As a result, the six-year-old monkey was caught and taken to a zoo in Kanpur, where zoologists found that in addition to addiction to alcohol, the monkey also had other unusual habits – Kalua refused to eat vegetables. Scientists suggest that another possible cause of primate aggressive behavior is that the former owner fed him meat.
Zoologists also noted the monkey’s hostile behavior towards relatives, especially females, so it was decided that Kalua would remain locked up in a cage, where he would sit alone until the end of his days, the newspaper writes.

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