All shakes, but “I’m fine”: Why Merkel should leave

There are more and more signs that Angela Merkel may prematurely leave the post of Chancellor of Germany. The main one is the deteriorated state of health

The chief politician of Europe for the third time gave reason to doubt the physical ability to sit in the office until the end of the mandate in 2021. Today, during a meeting with Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne in Berlin, Angela Merkel again shivered. The record shows that the Chancellor shaking legs and torso.”All right.»

The incident could have been reduced to fatigue if Merkel had not experienced the same attack last month. And twice. The first time – when she stood under the German anthem at a meeting with Vladimir Zelensky, the second time – during a speech by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in the Palace of Bellevue. And in the first and in the second case she tried to stop jitters, changing position hands. But in vain. When the assistants brought a glass of water, Merkel refused and continued to stand selflessly.

After today’s shaking, the Chancellor told reporters again that “everything is fine” and there is no cause for concern. But it is clear that she is tired. It simply does not have the strength to cope with the duties of the head of the main EU state. Merkel has been Chancellor since 2005.

Worse than the work of a miner

It’s like mining, only worse. These people do not sleep, it’s constant stress and flights. Yes, there are bedrooms, toilets, and showers on planes. But nobody canceled the horrid conditions of flights, where the thin air, dryness, radiation, fluctuating in time. I’d rather go to the mine than politics, I’d be healthier,

– told to Tsargrad ex-the chief physician of the Kremlin hospital of Management of the President of Russia Alexander Myasnikov.

Regarding the shaking that occurred at the Chancellor, Myasnikov said that 60% of her essential tremor.

“The diseases that are behind it, they are quite easily determined, so if it is essential tremor, she just needs to rest, and that’s all,” – said the chief physician of the City clinical hospital №71.

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Migration invasion

German doctors are famous for their professionalism, and perhaps they will be able to help Merkel to hold on to the next elections to the Bundestag, after which she promised to resign as Chancellor. But you have to admit that the 14 years of intensive work have an effect. Especially difficult for it has become recent four.

The migration crisis of 2015 and the “invasion” of millions of people from Africa and the Middle East shocked the German public, collapsed the ratings of the ruling Christian Democratic party and led to power in the Bundestag and in all the land parliaments of the right of the “Alternative for Germany”. In Germany, still fresh memories of mass rape in Cologne and the bloody terrorist attacks in Berlin and Bavaria. Merkel’s physical weakness entirely reflects her political influence. The case of the selection of a new European Parliament President is very illustrative. Christian Democrats rejected the proposal of the Chancellor to put the social Democrat Frans Timmermans head of the European Commission.

Such a move clearly speaks about the lost credibility kantslerin. The newspaper Der Spiegel called the behavior of EPP deputies “uprising” and believes that Merkel has lost its former elegance. According to recent polls, the popularity of the opposition green party in Germany exceeds the ratings of the CDU/CSU.

When exactly Merkel will leave, it is unknown. However, repeated attacks multiple rumors of her imminent resignation. Merkel’s departure will mark the end of an era. Let us sum up its preliminary results. for Russia.

What good has Merkel done to Russia?

Most of Merkel’s chancellorship managed to maintain a pragmatic approach to Russia. Although it did not prevent the rapid expansion of the European Union and supported the Eastern partnership program, it refused to include the CIS countries in NATO. On one of the NATO summits, Merkel, at the risk of alienating the Bush administration, refused to sign the document, suggesting the inclusion of Georgia in NATO.

Another merit of the Chancellor can be considered that she defended the “Nord stream – 2”. The administration of Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened sanctions against companies building a gas pipeline on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The same pressure on Germany was exerted in the European Parliament, the European Commission and Eastern Europe. However, despite this, Merkel managed to prevent the adoption of amendments to the EU Gas Directive, depriving Berlin of the last word on “Nord stream – 2”.”Merkel has stood them, she did it anyway. She bent her line. She honestly remained true to these principles of German policy. “Nord stream” promised – so it will be. Despite the fact that the Americans just twisted her hands,” – said the Scientific Director of the German-Russian forum Alexander Rahr.

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The main mistake of the Chancellor

The most important mistake Merkel German experts would call, probably, the policy of “open doors”. But personally, the refugee crisis did not particularly affect Russia. For Moscow, the fateful moment was not the year 2015, but 2014. Then Germany, along with the United States, France and Poland supported Euromaidan, and after the reunification of Crimea with Russia imposed sanctions against Moscow.

Merkel’s main mistake was that she neglected strategic relations with Russia in favor of the Russophobic EU countries, according to Rahr.

She, unlike Mr. Schroeder and Kohl, neglected strategic relations with Russia. That was her main problem. She always followed the principle “I go to Moscow only through Warsaw”. In other words, she made it clear that the phobias of the poles and the Baltic States in relation to Russia and become the point of view of Germany,

– noted expert.

The results merkelsche of government for Russia is ambiguous. On the one hand, it was able to keep the “Nord stream” and keep Georgia from joining NATO, on the other – supported the anti-Russian coup in Ukraine and imposed disastrous economic sanctions for both countries.

How much more Merkel will have, even she does not know. If she manages to miraculously survive until 2021, it will be the “longest Chancellor” in the history of Germany, catching up with another grandmaster Helmut Kohl.


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