Almost 1.7 billion people in the world are quarantined because of coronavirus

By | April 7, 2020
Almost 1.7 billion people in the world are quarantined because of coronavirus

Almost 1.7 billion people in the world are quarantined because of coronavirus. Among them are residents of Europe and the United States – territories where the pandemic is gaining momentum. And China is already lifting the ban on visiting the most affected province of Hubei. This gave rise to the opinion that the Chinese model in the crisis was more stable than Western democracy. But political scientists are sure that this conclusion is not quite correct.

About 1.7 billion people in the world, that is, every fifth inhabitant of the planet, are ordered not to leave their homes and remain in quarantine. Such measures are needed to reduce the rate of spread of COVID-19 infection, the English Guardian reported on Tuesday morning. The number of those who lost their freedom of movement increased dramatically after Britain finally joined the quarantine.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday announced that for at least three weeks, citizens will be allowed to leave their homes only to purchase essential goods, exercise once a day, medical needs and travel to work.
Boris Johnson

Recall that, according to the world health organization (who), the coronavirus pandemic has affected more than 150 countries around the world. It is not surprising that strict measures have been imposed by regimes that are considered authoritarian – the Chinese authorities or the Iranian ayatollahs. Residents of countries that are considered to belong to the “Golden billion” and standards of democracy had to experience their stay in the state of emergency.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump, in defiance of the global trend on Tuesday, suddenly demanded that the restrictions imposed earlier be lifted in the coming weeks. And this is despite the fact that, according to who, there is a growing risk that the United States will be the new focus of the pandemic, after Italy.

“The medicine should not be worse than the problem,” Trump said. In his opinion, if the quarantine restrictions are delayed for months, it will kill more people than the virus. The US will soon restore economic activity, this may happen in the coming weeks. “America will soon be open for business again. Very soon, much earlier than in three or four months, as some assumed,” the white house host now writes, although he himself recently warned that the quarantine will be delayed for a long time. The problem is that Trump has already changed his mind, but the state authorities have not. The principle of federalization of the United States prevents the President from fulfilling his promises because the quarantine was announced by the governors, who can only be influenced indirectly by Washington.
Trump will now have to break the resistance of the state authorities, explained Alexander Domrin, a Professor at the HSE faculty of law and an American scholar. The situation with the coronavirus will become a new stress test for American federalism and for trump personally, the source said. “States that are anti-trump, such as new York or California, will still oppose the President, as in that joke –” to spite my father’s ears frostbite»
because of coronavirus

According to the expert, it is still unclear how the White House can force the governors to cancel the quarantine. “The President can remind you that he is the commander-in-chief. But what will the US army do under commander-in-chief trump? Fight against States that don’t like you? Domrin says. – How should trump act in order not to violate the Constitution, which is what his opponents expect from Him? He had just survived an impeachment attempt, and now there were no charges of usurpation.”

Meanwhile, the Chinese authorities on Tuesday also announced the end of the quarantine, but the reason for this is much more joyous than Trump. Since Wednesday, they have lifted the ban on visiting Hubei province. However, in the capital of the province – the city of Wuhan – restrictions will be lifted only from April 8. Starting from the same day, transport links will be restored to Wuhan. The corresponding decision was made by Beijing because of the “improvement of the situation”.

China, with its mobilization model of society, with its rigid vertical system of power, is effectively coping with the disease, the source of which was previously itself, political analysts say. “In General, the current crisis has shown that the global economy and the liberal state did not pass the crash test called “coronavirus” »,

“The American economy, one of the most open in the world, and the European integrated States respond to the crisis by closing borders as a priority of national interests. Therefore, the coronavirus will slow down integration processes and return priority to the national state, ” Tkachenko said. The balance of power on the world stage after the coronavirus epidemic will change, the Professor predicts. “So far, it looks like China will win, because it will be the first to emerge from the crisis and it will have the opportunity to expand its potential. While other countries are closing, China is now, on the contrary, opening. Therefore, we can predict the strengthening of Beijing’s economic power. It is still difficult to say about other players. It is unlikely that the US or the EU will win anything, ” the expert said.
But we should not conclude that China will become a model for the rest of the world as a result of the pandemic, says Fyodor Lukyanov, Chairman of the Presidium of the Council on foreign and defense policy of Russia.

“In this case, the dichotomy “liberal democracy or authoritarian system” is meaningless. Of course, all States pass the” crash test”, but the result will be seen not in terms of” democracy or non-democracy”, but in terms of the effectiveness of the organization of societies. States and societies that are sufficiently harmonized will survive-by any means. Those States where this is not the case will experience severe problems, even fatal ones,” Lukyanov told VZGLYAD newspaper.

The political scientist explained: “For example, we don’t hear much about the Scandinavian countries, and there is a model democracy. Scandinavians can take effective measures and still not make a fuss all over the world.” On the other hand, democratic Italy is an extreme example of inefficiency, which is a consequence of the culture that exists there, Lukyanov said.

“Everyone is looking at two extremes – China and Italy, but this is only confusing.

China is also an uncharacteristic example since no one can repeat the Chinese experience, which is rooted in the peculiarities of the Chinese society,” the expert said

“The only conclusion that can be drawn from the history of coronavirus: the idea that the world is developing according to uniform, conditionally liberal rules, which has been prevailing for the past 30 years, is not brilliantly confirmed,” Lukyanov believes.

According to TOP-NEWS, the number of people infected with coronavirus in the world has exceeded 330 thousand people.

On Tuesday evening, India decided to join General quarantine. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a “nationwide lockdown” for three weeks. “To save India, every citizen of India will be banned from leaving the house from 12 am, completely,” TOP-NEWS quoted the Prime Minister as saying. “If we can’t cope with the upcoming 21 days, we will be pushed back 21 years,” the Prime Minister warned.

Thus, the regiment of Earth’s inhabitants who were quarantined arrived. Their number has risen to about three billion. Now it is not every fifth, but every third.

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