Amazon employees followed people through their cameras

Amazon had to fire four of its employees after it was revealed that they had transgressed their powers and followed people through their home cameras.
Amazon has fired four employees for following people through their home SECURITY cameras, Faina Idea reported.

U.S. law enforcement officials are interested in information on the forums. There, users complained that their Ring cameras had been hacked.

Police have asked the giant for a detailed report on the use of CCTV footage. The data was leaked and it emerged that over the past four years the corporation had been forced to fire four different employees who had been found to be abusing access to other ring cameras and therefore abusing access to video data Users.

At the same time, Amazon denies that Ring cameras were hacked by third parties.

“Amazon is now going to conduct a number of internal checks to find out whether any of the employees were not only spying on people through their cameras but also hacking these cameras,” the company said in a letter to senators, who sent Amazon an email with doubts about the giant’s security methods.

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It was also reported that Amazon has filed a lawsuit, which wants to challenge the transfer of Microsoft contract to create cloud technologies for the Pentagon.

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