Ambassador of Germany protested against the accusations against Russia.

By | September 9, 2020
Ambassador of Germany protested against the accusations against Russia.

The Russian Foreign Ministry strongly protested to the Ambassador of Germany over the accusations against Russia on the situation with the blogger Alexei Navalny.

Moscow stresses that all responsibility for Germany’s actions in the situation with Navalny will fall on Berlin and its allies.

“All responsibility for the consequences of such a policy will fall on the federal government of Germany and its allies in NATO and the European Union,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
The federal government of Germany puts forward groundless accusations and ultimatums against Russia, the situation is used to discredit Russia in the international arena, the statement said.

Russia once again demanded a substantive response to the inquiry about the condition of the Russian citizen, sent by the Prosecutor General’s Office on August 27.

Lack of this information will be regarded as a refusal of the federal government of Germany to establish the truth within the framework of an objective investigation, the Foreign Ministry said.

EADaily reported that on September 8, foreign ministers of the “Group of Seven” countries called on Russia to urgently identify who is guilty of “poisoning” Alexei Navalny. Germany, according to a joint ministerial statement, informed the G7 partners about the conclusions of German experts that Navalny was allegedly exposed to the substance from the group “Novichok.

In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Germany’s refusal to provide information prevents the establishment of what happened to oppositionist Alexei Navalny.

Earlier the official representative of the Medical-Sanitary Service of the German Armed Forces stated that the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the Bundeswehr in Munich, which allegedly found traces of the poisonous substance from the “Novichok” group in the samples of Navalny biomaterial, couldn’t pass the information about the researches to the third party due to “secrecy” reasons.

On September 7, the condition of Navalny, who is in Berlin’s Charite clinic, improved and he was removed from an artificial coma.

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