However, what "sanctity" of this pompous building, all American democracy, and history of this country can be talked

America enters another turn in its history without much illusion.

The fact that a sitting president of the United States was easily and without the slightest hesitation cut off from social media says a lot more about the nature of power in this “democracy” than the fact that his supporters briefly occupied Congress and interrupted the session in which Biden was to be certified as the winning president. This country has entered a period of governance by “big brother,” exactly according to Orwell, which was by no means Trump, but the unknown men who make the decisions about him. At the moment, the rich and super-rich mafia associated with the Democratic Party, while the Republican leadership has not without satisfaction given up on their president. The voters liked him, but the bureaucrats didn’t. And it doesn’t matter which bureaucrats. Any bureaucrats. So America is entering another round of its history without too many illusions.
According to Western experts, under Republican President Donald Trump, U.S.-Russian relations are at a "low point"

By the way, it’s very evident in the media. Floyd, who was not the brightest, nasty criminal, turned out to be a martyr and almost a saint. A woman, an Air Force veteran, but white and a Trump supporter, was killed in the Congress building, so be it for her. No one writes about her. And we expect something from the American press about ourselves, we wonder about everything they come up with about Russia. We are naive morons, God forgives us… Those who take to the streets in America to rob, rape, set fire to, burn, smash, kill, humiliate and insult people of color are fighters for justice. The press is for them, the rich jerks are for them, the Democratic Party bureaucrats are for them. They’re allowed anything. Those who have come from all over America to Washington to protest outside and inside Congress are thugs, Nazis, enemies of democracy, and ghouls. That’s all the media calls them now, though it would not be much left of the Capitol if BLM supporters were allowed into it.

However, what “sanctity” of this pompous building, all American democracy, and history of this country can be talked about after statues of congressmen of “wrong”, as their present successors decided, political orientation were thrown out of there? After the mass demolition of monuments in the USA, which do not suit the current “revolutionaries” who have taken over its streets, the Democratic Party supporters, and the lumpen they let loose on American cities? I haven’t heard of Republicans, much fewer Trumpists, tearing down any monuments. Well, that’s their political culture. Anarchists, leftists of all kinds, and the criminals who joined them, always and everywhere amuse themselves with such things – we remember their revolutionaries. The rightists, as a rule, don’t. Not theirs. That’s why the Capitol survived. Then again, the revolt of Latinos and Negroes, aka “African Americans,” is always aimed at destruction. Their “racial oppressors” rarely suffer adrenaline releases.
Some participants in the Capitol assault could face up to 20 years in prison

I wonder who the decision was made to erect a three-meter fence around the Capitol in connection with the latest events, so that no one would be able to climb over it, for whom? The rebellious representatives of ungrateful American people should not cross it from outside or from INTO, the legislators who started to ruin their country by the methods which are usual and exclusive for “colored revolutions” which they organized in the Third World and on the expanses of former USSR? Those who are sitting inside are much more dangerous. They can only be fenced in, like the animals in the zoo. And let’s see what they will think while sitting there. For example, don’t they want to ban the sale of weapons and confiscate them from the population? They have been aiming at it for a long time, but have been unable to put it into practice? I wonder how they are going to do it! The first thing for the servants of the people is to disarm their own people. You never know what they will think.

As for Trump, if he is not jailed and shot, his chances of a political future, oddly enough, are high. He can, for example, successfully establish his own party, breaking up the Republican Party. Its voters don’t trust it for a penny anyway, otherwise, Trump wouldn’t have been elected the first time and wouldn’t have voted for him the second time. That said, he didn’t want to seize power, or he would have easily done so when his supporters took over the Capitol. But he obviously had other plans at that moment, unlike everything his frightened enemies are now frantically trying to accuse him of. However, when Biden dies (or soon dies, or falls into uncontrollable senility) and the incomprehensible but clearly ultra-populist leftist Kamala Harris comes in, then the fun will begin. Including those of our idiots who sincerely believe that we can come to an agreement with the Americans. What does the old Russian proverb say? “The wolf comes to an agreement with the mare, leaves a tail and a mane…”

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