America goes to explore the moon without Russia

America goes to explore the moon without Russia

It so happened that the United States at least never quarreled openly with the Soviet Union, and now Russia, but relations were always strained. Now this is especially noticeable in the sanctions initiated by Trump and his associates. Nevertheless, countries had to become allies in many significant projects, which did not preclude fierce competition. This is manifested in space exploration, where both powers are passionately fighting for leadership.

The space industry is now incredibly rapidly developing, humanity is on the verge of a new era when space travel becomes available. And the first planet where a man comes will be the moon. The natural satellite of the Earth can be of not only purely scientific interest, but also practical. In particular, there may be significant mineral reserves under the lunar surface, the extraction of which can be a profitable enterprise against the background of how quickly the earth’s reserves are running out. The only question is who will come to the moon and on what conditions its development will begin.

You can recall the Treaty on Outer Space, signed in the distant 1967 and UN acts. They quite clearly describe international relations in space. In particular, according to them, none of the countries has the ability to nationalize cosmic bodies or parts thereof. However, all these are mere trifles for the USA, which are eager to begin commercial use of the Moon. It is assumed that already by 2030, America and its partners will thoroughly gain a foothold on the moon. To do this, the Artemis Accords pact will be created, which bypasses the current norms of international law.

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According to him, the United States and partner countries (Canada, Japan, the UAE, and some European countries) will have the opportunity to arrange bases and security zones around them on the moon. The appearance of “strangers” in them will be regarded as an act of hostility. Russia is not only not considered by the States as a partner but is seen as a potential enemy. Despite the fact that Artemis Accords does not formally provide for the nationalization of the Moon or its parts, this is what can be read “between the lines”.

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