American “Apache” attacked the Russian “Krasukha”: a version of the emergency in Syria.

By | September 16, 2020

A number of Middle Eastern and other online publications have previously distributed a message about another failure of U.S. troops in Syria. This time in the northeastern Arab Republic, in the province of Hasakah, crashed almost U.S. Air Force combat helicopter. It is noted that the cause of the emergency situation with the helicopter could be the use of some secret Russian electronic warfare system (EWR), which completely blocked the work of the avionics of the American AH-64 Apache.

The media do not cite sources of information, but report that the U.S. Air Force attack helicopter miraculously avoided falling to the ground. The machine was immediately landed in an emergency mode and as a result, suffered some damage.

Despite the fact that this information has not been confirmed, the authors of “conspiracy” versions have hastened to assume that the cause of the helicopter systems failure was a “secret” Russian system of REB. According to some media reports, it is highly probable that this mobile radio-electronic suppression station is deployed at the airbase near the Syrian town of Kamyshly, where, as reported by EADaily, additional Russian forces were previously deployed. At the same time, it is believed that the “culprit” of the U.S. helicopter’s failure was the REB Krasukha complex, which had previously been spotted near Kamyshly.

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