American F-35 will receive a new missile. But su-57 already bypassed them – media

American developers have promised in 6 years to create a new missile for f-35 fighters. The media analyzed the declared capabilities of weapons and concluded that the Russian su-57 has already bypassed them.

In early May, the United States hosted the annual exhibition of weapons Sea, Air, Space, which announced the development of fighter F-35A Lightning II and F-35C Lightning II new missiles to suppress enemy radars. The contract worth $ 323 million was signed in March 2019 and should be completed within six years. The media compared the alleged “killer of Russian radars” with those weapons that already have Russian su-57 and MiG-35, and came to disappointing conclusions for the Pentagon.

We are talking about a guided missile with an increased range of AARGM-ER. As noted by The Drive, the development is not from scratch — is the modernization of anti-radar missiles AGM-88E (missile of this type is used to shoot at their own, as it was in Iraq with the destruction of SAM “patriot”). The novelty should get new electronics and glider, as well as a much more powerful engine.ngenera, have to change tactical and technical characteristics so that the rocket could be placed in the inner compartment of the F-35, reducing to a minimum radar signature of the aircraft. Specially commissioned by the US Navy, the missile will also receive a special shrapnel layer of the shell, which will effectively hit the so-called soft targets.

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At the final segment of the rocket should reach a speed above 2 M and go to the target by GPS-coordinates. It is supposed that it will allow striking even those purposes which ceased to radiate radio signals or did not do it at all.

In the future, the anti-radar missile is going to be used as a precision weapon at sea and on land. The option of creating such a missile with ground launchers is also being considered. The cost of each supersonic “killer” is about a million dollars.

The problems of the future
When in 2025 the development of the missile will be completed and our military will be able to begin its tests, they will realize that now Russia has something to oppose them, says “Free press”. Thus, radio troops have a number of complexes, the main task of which is to deceive such types of weapons. They are able to conduct a digital analysis of the scanning signals received from the missile and give a disorienting response to the enemy. Suppression of GPS positioning is also not a problem.

Russian ground radars are also equipped with thermal traps — false targets for anti-radar missiles. They are trap antennas with a signal more powerful than that of a workstation. American missiles are not able to distinguish the real target from deceptions.

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What Americans are catching up
The Russian air force is equipped with two anti-radar missiles, comparable to the American of the future development of KH-31PD and KH-58УШКЭ. The first, like the AARGM-ER, “work” on the floating frequency of the enemy radar, but the missile itself is significantly more powerful, and its range is not 130 km, as in us, but all 250. The maximum speed is also higher — 3.1 M.

Another missile with a higher capability of hitting targets than the American one is in the testing stage. This is the brainchild of the Corporation “Tactical missile weapons” is designed for the fifth generation su-57. X-58USHKE is not afraid to lose GPS-positioning and is able to hit not only the enemy radar but also command posts, engineering structures, clusters of armored vehicles, etc. At the same time, the deviation from the target is only 3-5 meters.

Thus, the Pentagon will have to catch up with Russia, not for six years, which will be required for the development of AARGM-ER, but much more.