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The experts assessed the chances of prolonging the Trump's term due to the recount of the votes.
American falsification: Trump's path to the presidency is preserved

American falsification: Trump’s path to the presidency is preserved

Biden is planning his board of directors. Trump is solving a serious legal problem. This is the overall picture of the “battlefield” in the United States a week after election day.

On Monday, Biden and Kamala Harris, the elected vice president, began planning a battle between the “new authorities” and the coronavirus. “Let’s put on masks and get to work first,” Biden said.

“Let’s start by wearing masks. Source: Politico
On Saturday, after media reports of Biden’s victory, President Trump, who learned the news on the golf course, showed the photographer a two-handed gesture when he left the golf club in his car, which means that everything is going perfectly.

However, after the hurtful weekend, Trump did not appear in public on Monday but was actively building in his Twitter. In the afternoon, Trump wrote about the dismissal of Defense Minister Mark Esper. After all, the military is going to take him out of the White House. To boost his optimism, the president also wrote about his upcoming victory after recounting votes in Georgia and Wisconsin.

The incumbent vice president, Mike Pence, who remained in the shadows a few days after the election, announced on Twitter that he had told his team: “It’s not over until it’s over… and it’s not over! However, Pence himself planned to go on a family vacation to Florida on Tuesday. It seems that the vice president of Penis (in the version of “Borat-2”) waved at everything and believes that “the end” has come.

Meanwhile, Jason Miller, Trump’s senior campaign adviser, said on Fox Business that Trump’s campaign headquarters really believed there was a way for Trump to remain president.

Miller said the campaign office was gathering evidence of the alleged fraud and he believed it was enough to change the outcome of the Pennsylvania vote. He said he expects a recount in Georgia and Arizona, as well as lawsuits in Michigan and Wisconsin. “The word ‘concede,’ he said, is not even in our dictionary right now. To pay for court fees, Trump’s campaign headquarters is trying to raise tens of millions of dollars. But, according to other – “pessimistic” – sources, it is known that Trump’s election headquarters will pay its numerous staff only until November 30. It is not yet known what will happen next. It is also not known whether there are still budgets left for the headquarters.

In Trump’s election headquarters a certain Dave Bossy was appointed responsible for the recount campaign. But Bossy got the coronavirus. As a result, campaign senior advisor Miller wrote, “At that moment, Jesus himself is driving!

“Jesus”, meanwhile, looks pretty grounded. At Trump’s campaign headquarters on Monday, political technologist Bill Stephen and lawyer Justin Clarke held a meeting with staff from problem states to discuss the next steps. Clark advised the meeting not to confuse “no movement with no progress. The campaign requires lawsuits in all critical states except Georgia, which already has a legal recount. Some lawsuits have already been dismissed by the courts, and Trump’s campaign headquarters has yet to provide evidence of the alleged widespread fraud that could have changed the outcome of the election.

Meanwhile, the evidence is suitable for the media. On Monday, the conservative Breitbart publication wrote about abuses in the Clark County, Nevada, citing leaks from unnamed sources. According to them, in the days leading up to the vote, illegal ballots were fabricated with “crosses” in the campaign bus with the inscription “Biden – Harris. On November 8 a certain informant who was engaged in vote counting described in detail in a handwritten note “concerns about intimidation of voters and falsification of elections in election halls”. Voting in Nevada in Clark County proceeded without confirming the status or identity of the voter.

Clark County Election Department head Joe Gloria announced that he had received several reports of election fraud, but that they would not be investigated until after the counting of votes and the official announcement of the results.

On Monday, President Donald Trump’s legal team filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania Federal Court for election fraud in that state. The mail-order voting system “lacked any transparency and controllability that would be ensured if personal votes were cast”. The lawsuit is approved: “Voters in Pennsylvania were simply evaluated according to different voting standards, and we believe that two-thirds of the votes in the electoral system resulted in potentially false votes because they were counted without proper justification or control”. The processing of mailed votes has been slow in Pennsylvania.

In the U.S. Senate on Monday, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and leading Republican legislators refused to recognize Joe Biden as “President-elect” in defense of incumbent Donald Trump. McConnell made his statement at a photoshoot with new Republican senators. McConnell believes Trump has the right to challenge the election results and wait for a recount of votes by state. McConnell’s comments were the first public from the Republican top since Democrat Joe Biden proclaimed himself elected president of the United States on Saturday. McConnell believes: “Press predictions and comments do not veto the legitimate rights of any citizen, including the president of the United States.

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McConnell has considerable influence among the Republicans, and his resistance in support of Trump’s efforts may strengthen Republican opposition and delay Biden’s transition. Republicans in the Senate said they expected the dispute to end “sooner rather than later.
American falsification: Trump's path to the presidency is preserved
Meanwhile, the leader of the Senate minority, Democrat Chuck Schumer, reprimanded the senators from the republican majority for their support of the president’s position. “Joe Biden won this election fair and square,” he said, and continued: – Too many, including the Republican leader, are silent or sympathetic to the president’s fantasies.

Until Tuesday, only four Republican senators – Mitt Romney from Utah, Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, Ben Sasse from Nebraska, and Susan Collins from Maine – had recognized Biden’s victory and called him “the elected president. There is a split among senators-republicans, but while insignificant.

In the evening on Monday, the leader of the Senate majority Senator McConnell has met with the attorney general William Barr – the second defined point of resistance to Biden’s arrival.

On Monday, U.S. Attorney General William Barr launched an investigation into the falsification of the ongoing presidential election. The U.S. Federal Department of Justice should take up the matter. In a memo to U.S. federal prosecutors, Barr authorized them to launch investigations into election fraud “if there is clear and credible evidence of violations that, if true, could potentially affect the outcome of a federal election in a separate state. In response to Barr’s demand, Richard Pillinger, who has been head of the Department of Justice’s office since 2010, which oversees such investigations, resigned. In a letter published in the New York Times, Pilinger described Barr’s decree as “an important new political act that reverses a 40-year policy of non-interference with an investigation into ballot-rigging before elections are confirmed and undeniable.

Attorney General Barr admits that his instruction to prosecutors deviates from the usual practice of the Ministry of Justice, according to which full investigations into allegations of such violations are not undertaken until the election results are confirmed. However, the Attorney General argues that the practice previously adopted does not make sense in cases where suspected fraud may affect the outcome of elections.

“While serious allegations should be treated with great care, false, speculative or fabricated allegations should not be the basis for a federal investigation,” Barr wrote. “Nothing here should be seen as an indication that the Ministry of Justice has concluded that voting irregularities affected the outcome of any election.

Opponents of the president now argue that Barr’s memorandum was nothing more than his personal position to satisfy President Trump’s claims with his allegedly unfounded claims and that no serious action would be taken with regard to the memorandum.

The collision was to provide the transitional administration of Biden with the necessary resources to begin a business. The head of the General Services Administration, Emily Murphy, refused to confirm Biden’s status as “President-elect”. Without Murphy’s approval, the transitional Biden administration can neither obtain premises nor funds for staff, nor multiple admissions. The Republican senators have already begun to argue over this issue. Senator Mark Rubio (Florida) believes that the beginning of the transitional administration does not contradict the claims of Trump. And Senator Romney called for the beginning of the transition process.

At the end of the day on Saturday, employees of Biden’s transition administration received government laptops and iPhones with a closed, secure government communications system without any sanction from Emily Murphy. So the process went on.

On Fox News, the Mayor’s channel that had a reputation for both pre-presidential and pro-Trampa before the election, the hosts turned off a press conference from the White House with Press Secretary Kaylie Makinani and Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel in the middle of the speech after Makinani said the Democratic Party “welcomes fraud. So the information theft of almost total Probiden media continues.

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