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An American journalist explained the power of the Russians

An American journalist explained the power of the Russians

American playwright and journalist Tuvia Tenenbom told in his article for National Review that he was struck by the fearlessness of the Russians during the pandemic and explained their strength. RIA Novosti reported this on Sunday, January 17.

According to Tenenbom, while people in the West are terrified of dying because of the coronavirus, restaurants, cafes, and shopping malls are open in Moscow. He noticed a large number of people on the streets and in transport and marveled at the fearlessness of the inhabitants of Russian cities. The journalist noted that the police at the entrance to the subway control that people wear masks, but many Russians take them off once they are inside.

The author also noted some contradictions. For example, he was not allowed to attend a service at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior – the police said it was dangerous to gather in large numbers of people in one place. Yet Muscovites continue to go to GUM and the ballet without fear of being infected, unlike his compatriots.

Tenenbom was impressed by the words of a St. Petersburg resident: “Our ancestors survived the blockade, and we will survive any plague. The author of the material added that the inhabitants of the northern capital still remember and honor the siege of Leningrad. In his article, the American writes that being Russian means living with hopes and feelings, not logic and cold facts. “They are people, not computers, and that is their strength,” Tenenbom explained.

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According to the journalist, he came to Russia to take a break from the constant fear of the epidemic as well as the political battles of Donald Trump and Joseph Biden, and he succeeded. Tenenbom concluded that he fell in love with Russia and its people.

On January 16, it was reported that the acting head of the U.S. Department of Defense, Christopher Miller, said he had “professional respect” for the Russian military.

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