American journalist shared her impressions of going to the bath in Russia

Journalist Katie Warren in an article for Business Insider told about the impressions about going to the bath during a 12-day trip to Russia.
According to Warren, she paid $85 for an “even massage.” During it, it was first lashed on the body by a birch broom, and then they were stroked, which, as the journalist noted, was ticklish. After that, she began to lash out again. It all lasted about 15 minutes.

Then three buckets of water were poured on it without warning: icy, slightly warmer and “very warm”. She was then asked to roll over on her back and again with water.
“Yes, during this action I was completely naked – except for the green fedora, which could well be worn by an elf,” the journalist said.
Warren noted that she came out of the bath peacefully and cheerfully, though she could not say that “the birch broom during the massage acted as something particularly relaxing”.
The journalist advised not to miss the opportunity to go to the bath. At the same time, she warned that she would have to experience some embarrassment and prepare for whipping.

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