American scientists have learned how to kill a coronavirus in half a second!

American scientists have learned how to kill a coronavirus in half a second!

Although the global pandemic has begun to subside, scientists are fighting the coronavirus on every possible front. It is important to develop solutions so effective and comprehensive that the coronavirus has no chance of bringing humanity to its knees in the future. In addition to cures for those who are already sick, it makes real sense to focus on prevention tools.

American scientists have discovered a way to kill the coronavirus quickly and effectively. During scientific research, they found that SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is extremely sensitive to high temperatures. They went beyond the “project on paper” and applied their discovery to a real working device, which was recently demonstrated. The processes taking place in it clearly show that they are right.

Externally, it is a piece of stainless steel pipe. Through it flows a liquid that has a high concentration of coronavirus in its composition. Heating the section of pipe to 72 degrees Celsius reduced the concentration of coronavirus in the initial solution 100,000 times in just half a second! The method can be used to suppress coronavirus in a variety of media.

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The developers are already talking about the possibility of its implementation in modern ventilation systems. It can also be used in devices and installations for air purification. Apart from coronavirus, the temperature effect can also suppress other viruses.