Americans named Russia’s most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile

Americans named Russia's most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile

The US military expert Mark Episcopos has published material about the nuclear potential of the Russian Federation and named the most powerful of Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles. The news portal “NewInform” writes about it.
Episkopos noted Russia’s impressive potential in the field of mobile ICBMs – this type of weapon is one of the priority areas in Russia’s nuclear weapons modernization strategy. Mobile missile systems were actively developed in the USSR, where reliance was placed on their survivability and ability to retaliate when stationary missile silos were destroyed. “Mobile systems are more difficult to detect and destroy, so such installations were assigned a special role in Soviet nuclear doctrine. Russia’s modern doctrine has largely retained this approach,” the American expert writes.

“Few doubt that one of Russia’s most powerful intercontinental ballistic missiles is the RS-28 Sarmat. We are talking about a 200-ton ICBM, which is practically immune to interception even by the world’s most advanced air defense systems,” the expert added.
According to Episkopos, mobile ICBMs will remain one of the pillars of the nuclear arsenal of Russia in the foreseeable future. At the same time, Russia will develop other components of its nuclear triad as well.

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