Americans publicly reveal Barack Obama’s “biggest political crime”

Americans publicly reveal Barack Obama's “biggest political crime”

May 2020 – the US president launched an information war against the former leader of the country.

In addition to condemning, criticizing, and sometimes insulting, Donald Trump accused Obama of high treason and “a major political crime.” To the journalist’s question, “What kind of crime is this?”, The president replied “You know yourself,” urging you to follow the information in the media over the coming weeks.

The Americans, apparently, did not want to wait so long, so they publicly uncovered the very “biggest political crime”. The result was a whole list of “sins and vices”:

“The army trained and financed militants of terrorist groups against the troops and the regime of Bashar al-Assad”

US troops entered the civil war in Syria, both economically and literally on the side of the opposition. It should be borne in mind that the UN immediately recognized the Assad government as legitimate and legitimate. Moreover, as Western publications later found out, the opposition army consisted of militants, extremists, terrorists, and Arab mercenaries.

“Listened and spied on presidential candidates”

Such incidents did not find confirmation in official sources, but the Americans categorically assert that not only Obama but Clinton also used espionage and bribed FBI agents in the fight against Trump.

“Pushed Ukraine to the war against Russia”

More than one film was shot that anti-Russian politics and Maidan itself were funded by the US government and oligarchs and more than one investigation was conducted by international experts and the media.

“100 Billion dollars sent to Iran”

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The Obama government has opened Iran’s access to U.S. bank accounts in the amount of up to 100 billion bypassing sanctions: some of this money was frozen in Europe while trying to withdraw them to the country until 2020. This was reported by the BBC with reference to the report of the US Senate.

“The Yezidi Genocide”

Special operations against Kurdish militants in northern Syria and in Iraq, during which many civilians were killed. Americans do not recognize this war crime, however, Arab sources loyal to the Kurds often mention this operation in this context.

This, of course, is not all the Americans blame for the former president, but the most striking events of his political career. It is also worth noting that Donald Trump is seen almost exactly in the same events (for example, the help of the Ukrainian army against militias, the promotion of anti-Russian ideology, assistance to opposition militants in Syria), but this will most likely reveal his successor, who will replace him at the helm of the country.