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Biden and Sanders

America’s future is in the dark

With every COVID-19 case costing the US the loss of nearly 50 jobs, opinion polls give former Vice President Joe Biden a victory in the upcoming presidential election. “Dangerous Communist” Sanders is out of the race, although he did not give up, and Trump has every chance to burn in the fire of the pandemic. Does this mean that the results of the vote are a foregone conclusion, and the confrontation between Russia and the United States will inevitably get tougher?
It is now common to blame the coronavirus for everything, but Bernie Sanders lost his chances for the nomination a month ago when the primaries in North Carolina resurrected the political corpse of Joe Biden. However, the socialist candidate is completing his election campaign only now – and still does not give up, as it should be “red”.
The essence of this “don’t give up” is that he keeps his last name on the ballot. Despite the epidemic, the primaries continue – somewhere they are postponed, as in Ohio, somewhere the vote was held on the Internet, as in Wisconsin. Therefore, all supporters of the socialist can still put a tick next to his name, which will bring him additional votes of the so-called electors to the more than nine hundred available.
Biden and Sanders

Yes, the democratic presidential candidate will inevitably be Biden, but the “Sanders case” lives on. At the party Convention, the socialist wants to have as many electors as possible and exchange their support for seats in the future Biden government, the latter’s commitment to reform, and the approval of a close-minded person as a Vice-presidential candidate.

The establishment of the democratic party, although it hates the” dangerously radical ” Sanders, whose socialist ideas scared away sponsors in wall street, is interested in making concessions to the “stubborn old man”. In this case, the Democrats will be able to “rally the ranks” against trump, quickly moving from the showdown stage to the stage of a tough fight with a common enemy, and if you are lucky, then attract young people to the polls. Clinton could not do this – the “arrogant grandmother” was denied personal support, despite liking the Democrats in General. And the 78-year-old Sanders, on the contrary, is very much loved by teenagers – and actively voted for him as long as he kept the chances of winning.

However, there are doubts that young Americans are ready to take a bite of such a stale piece, such as Joe Biden.”Americans have heard the name Biden, they know that he once worked with Obama and that he is not the same frightening radical from Vermont (Sanders is an Independent Senator of this state-approx. VIEW). The main task of the democratic national committee is to make sure that the voters do not learn anything more – – said the well-known political analyst Tucker Carlson from the conservative Fox News channel. – the Democrats would be unspeakably happy if they could lock Biden at home until November. After all, at any moment he can brag about having attended the Burning Man festival with Martin Luther King, or confuse his wife with the Governor of Oregon, or start threatening a police officer.”
Carlson doesn’t exaggerate much. Biden is a year younger than Sanders, but his “cheerfulness” can not boast, and sometimes seems to switch off from reality. He has repeatedly launched into “flashbacks” about being arrested in South Africa for fighting apartheid (although there was nothing like it), confused his sister with his wife, and once called a voter a “horse’s ass” instead of answering an innocent question.
biden nd trump

In fact, he won the primaries only because at a critical moment, the democratic party turned its political machine on full power and directed it against Sanders. Activists on the ground were told that only Biden can beat Trump in the final, so you need to vote for him through “can’t”. In parallel, all the other candidates withdrew from the election and supported the former Vice President, except for Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren, who did not support anyone, although her ideas and the electorate are in many ways close to those of Sanders.

As a result, the opposition will put up as its candidate a figure that few people really like. Around Biden, the incorrigible halo of a man of elites and a suspension of many scandals, and in itself, he is, to put it mildly, “not an eagle” – not one who has enough energy to run the country. This circumstance is more than satisfied with the democratic national committee, because if Biden wins the election, he will become their puppet, and behind him, as behind the facade, will “solve the case” of the party bones. Despite all this, the poll conducted by CNN gives the victory in the election to Biden – 53% of respondents want to vote for him, while only 42% want to vote for trump. The current President has a majority in categories such as” men, “whites, “and” older Americans, “but Biden’s margin in the categories of” women, “people of color, “and” citizens under 35 ” is much larger.
The former Vice President is more trusted (and most likely unfairly) in the fight against the coronavirus, whether it is health care or assistance to the middle class affected by the epidemic.

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The current head of state is given priority in matters of the economy as a whole, since his presidency was indeed successful in terms of production growth, falling unemployment and appreciation of national companies ‘ shares.

But all these achievements crossed coronaries. The unemployment rate is approaching 12% – this will be a record, counting as much as in 1940. And the economy is expected to fall around 35% in the second quarter, which is even worse than during the great depression. There was no such thing in twentieth-century American history.

The only thing that Americans can not yet be afraid of is inflation since the world is massively buying dollars, fearing for the exchange rate of national currencies. The Federal reserve took advantage of this situation by turning on the printing press. So the ultra-expensive “trump plan” to save the economy has risen in price by another two trillion dollars. Almost half of this amount will go to buy out debt bonds in the private sector, which will result in about 20% of it being in the hands of the state.
Even Sanders did not dream of such nationalization in the economy. It was never dreamed of in the old days, and Republicans only had nightmares about such measures.
However, the situation is extreme (the number of COVID-19 cases in the country is about to pass the half-million mark), and few people are seriously opposed to such emergency measures.
All this, however, does not mean that Biden will eventually become President (which will inevitably lead to further deterioration of relations between Russia and the United States). Rather, we can say that the hard-to-predict outcome of the election has finally become completely unpredictable.
us election

If the epidemic can be contained in a short time (and the most affected by the coronavirus megalopolis of New York, according to some versions, has already passed the peak of incidence) and unprecedented monetary injections will save the economy from a coma, in the third or at least in the fourth quarter (that is, before the election), a sharp recovery may begin. This will not return Americans to the well-being of three months ago, but it will provide the public optimism that a sitting President needs for re-election.
This is the key issue of the election race, against which any other circumstances pale.
Yes, Trump will try to torment for the fact that he did not take seriously the intelligence data about the appearance of a new dangerous virus in China, allegedly dated November. But the Chinese themselves claim that the problem was only identified at the very end of December, so all these leaks may be part of an information war between Washington and Beijing, who are arguing among themselves who is to blame for the global pandemic.

Yes, the Biden family is plagued by scandals. His son hunter received the money in the Ukrainian Burisma campaign purely for the name and, apparently, used his father to pressure the Ukrainian government. His brother James, who is somehow connected with the pharmaceutical company Americore and denies this connection, lobbied for its interests, also using the surname, for which he is now accused of fraud, and Americore itself that it left an entire city without a single hospital during the epidemic.

Finally, even the CNN poll, which makes Biden’s chances look concrete, can be interpreted in different ways. This TV company has long been the headquarters of trump haters, so its sociological research may reflect a distorted reality at a time when the reality is not defined. The results of the November us presidential election are covered in thick fog and are almost not predicted from April.
There may not be a vote in November at all (the epidemic also preserves this possibility). Maybe Trump will tear Biden to shreds not only in the debate (it is indeed almost inevitable) but in the elections, as “the man who saved America.”
And maybe that “saving America”, they happen, it generally will not be counted, and Biden will vote simply out of nostalgia for peaceful times Obama and the desire to see in the White house someone traditional and familiar, is may successful, but aggressive and unpredictable trump.
Although the intrigue of the campaign was unleashed before just one trump-Biden confrontation, anyone who will now confidently predict the victory of one or the other is needlessly shaking the air – the future is not defined.
Except that we can say with confidence that both we and the Americans will inevitably overcome the” coronavirus infection”. We’re not going anywhere.


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