An emergency occurred in Ukraine at the gas pipeline that pumps gas to Europe.

By | September 14, 2020
An emergency occurred in Ukraine at the gas pipeline that pumps gas to Europe.

The Urengoy – Pomary – Uzhgorod gas pipeline has been depressurized in the Kyiv region of Ukraine, which is used for gas transit to Europe. This was reported in the press service of the village council of Chabany, located near the place of emergency.
As a result of the accident, there was a strong gas release, and by now the leak has been eliminated, the press service said.
According to witnesses, the accident took place shortly after midnight local time. “At 00.15 a big explosion was heard in Ivankovichi, which shook the windows in the house. Before the explosion, it seemed that a plane was falling. And now something continues to make a very loud noise,” wrote the singer Gaitana on Facebook.

The information about the incident was also confirmed by the former Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Vladimir Omelyan. He noted on Facebook that after the explosion was heard “very loud low-frequency noise, reminiscent of the sound of burning gas in large volumes.
Electricity was cut off in nearby communities, reports
There are no official comments from the emergency and gas services yet.
“Urengoy Pomary – Uzhgorod is a gas export trunkline built-in 1983 to supply natural gas from Siberian fields to consumers in the Union republics and Central and Western Europe. At present, the Russian part of the gas pipeline is managed by PJSC Gazprom, the Ukrainian part by Ukrtransgas, a subsidiary of NAK Naftogaz of Ukraine.

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