An expert on the partnership of Russia with Italy and India on airplanes

An expert on the partnership of Russia with Italy and India on airplanes

Russia does not need India and Italy to build a plane, says military pilot Vladimir Popov. “I think there was some kind of political speculation,” – he said.

Russia does not need the cooperation of aviation with other countries, as it can become an instrument of political pressure. This idea was expressed well-deserved military pilot of Russia Vladimir Popov.

We are talking about incidents like the exit of Italy from the project to create a combat training attack aircraft Yak-130. At the final stage of the development of the Italian company, Aermacchi left the project, taking all the technical documentation. Later Italy issued its aircraft M-346.

A similar fate befell the Russian-Indian FGFA program for creating a fifth-generation fighter, the su-57. After 10 years of working together, India stated that the fighter does not meet the technical requirements and left the program.

According to the Russian military pilot Vladimir Popov, India is not the first time behaves in a similar way. This country was made to purchase MiG-29KUB naval and land versions, but the country preferred to buy the aircraft in Europe.

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“I think there is some political speculation. They are trying to put pressure on us, want to get a modern, quality product at bargain prices”, – says the behavior of India, the expert in conversation with News Nation.

While the military pilot expressed full confidence that Russia has everything needed to produce any aircraft of their own. He noted that not only sufficient workers and time lost in 90-e years of stagnation.

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