“An incredibly kind soul.” Katy Perry to sing for Prince Charles flowers

By | February 8, 2020

Popular American singer-songwriter Katy Perry shared that Prince Charles is talking to his flowers and asked her to sing for them.
The singer became the new ambassador for the British Asian Trust, which Prince Charles founded in 2007. Its activities are focused on supporting the socially disadvantaged population of South Asia and the United Kingdom. It also helps 5.8 million children who work in India under difficult conditions.

The decision to make the singer an ambassador was criticized by social media users, as Perry promoted the “white savior” complex to justify Western intervention.
After meeting Prince Charles, the singer spoke about her impressions.
“I thought he had an incredibly kind soul, so much so that he sometimes talks to plants. He asked me if I could sing for his plants and I would definitely do it, I promise,” the singer said.
Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that it became known who will sing the title song for the new Bond film.

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