An NBA icon. World press on Kobe Bryant's death | TOP-NEWS
An NBA icon. World press on Kobe Bryant's death

An NBA icon. World press on Kobe Bryant’s death

Legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant crashed in a helicopter in California, he remembers the whole world, and journalists write heartbreaking obituaries.
Basketball legend Kobe Bryant died on Sunday, January 26. The whole world remembers him. has collected articles of foreign press about basketball players.

The Great Legacy – Yahoo Sports

When Kobe Bryant retired from the sport, Magic Johnson called him the greatest player in Laker’s history. That’s all you need to know about Coby’s basketball career. Magic, the man who created the Laker’s story, believes Bryant is the best man who ever wore a yellow-purple jersey. The best team in history, which was played by half of the 15 best players in the NBA of all time. This is the strongest compliment you can get. True, that’s just part of the story of Coby.

Unfortunately, we remember Kobe’s legacy now that he died after a helicopter crash at 41. Four years after he finished his career and managed to win an Oscar during that time. And less than 24 hours after LeBron James overtook him on the NBA’s most productive player list. It is impossible to believe that the person who always seemed immortal on the court, up to the last game, is no more. We’re used to seeing our heroes grow old with us. How Bill Russell awards the NBA Finals’ most valuable player every year with a trophy named after him. As Michael Jordan continues to stay in the game, only already as the owner of the team. The NBA is a family, and today it has lost one of its best members.

Concluding his career, Kobe composed the poem “Dear Basketball”, which became the basis for his Oscar-winning animated short. There was a line saying, “I’m ready to let you go. I want you to know that now so we can enjoy every moment we spend together. Both good and bad. We gave each other everything we had.”

“If you ever see me fighting a bear, pray for the bear.” Kobe posted this phrase on Facebook as he was recovering from an Achilles tear. He continued: “I’ve always loved that quote. This is “Mamba Mentality,” we don’t leave, we don’t run, we don’t run away. We tolerate and win.”

Kobe is a player from the best team in history who was taken away from us too soon.
Kobe’s Global Roots – CNN

Kobe Bryant was one of those superstars who went beyond his sport and became famous simply by his own name.

Bryant’s aura meant that he was an integral part of American life in the early years of the 21st century. This, his comparative youth – he was 41 years old – and his shocking death explains why his death resonates outside the ranks of sports fans, and why his legend will only grow.

The news of Bryant’s death sparked a reaction of shock and sadness around the world, from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Special Kobe Bryant – USA Today

As a man who for quite some time during his career was the most famous and most attention-grabbing player in the NBA, he did not try to stay in the spotlight and did not use his status as a global basketball symbol. He didn’t talk about the NBA on TV, he made movies. He didn’t loiter around the arenas, trying to be seen, he brought his daughter so she could look at her favorite players.

There are two things that stand out: the clarity in what he did on the basketball court, and the ease with which he left it.

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He wrote books and won an Oscar for an animated short film. He coached his daughter’s basketball team. There was talk that he worked with several NBA players in the offseason.
Basketball genius – The New York Post

It is important to remember how fiercely he fought on the floor, sometimes to the fact that even his teammates were uncomfortable. Demanding to all the genius of basketball, who made the most important throw ever, in every match, and, more importantly, got into the ring.

His departure was to be a long, full of applause and worship for the figure of Coby. Everything had to happen in the same way as it had been before today, for another 40 years. How difficult it is to find words that would mean anything now.

Always winning – FoxSports

Kobe was a showman but in the usual concept of the word. His career was dramatic not because he played in public, but because of the great athletes who put on everything in the most important moments, it happens naturally. Bryant always wanted to win, no matter what it was worth. He was already incredibly gifted, he grew up in a basketball player’s family, but no one plowed like Kobe. He wanted to achieve the ideal. There are so many stories about his attitude to training that it is impossible to single out any specific, it will simply not be enough.

By the end of his career, his body could no longer withstand the loads, but the spirit remained unbroken. His last career game in April 2016 initially seemed like a sad farewell to the once-great, until Kobe pulled out a game of one and lit up in the final quarter, scoring a total of 60 points per game. He left smiling, not with a sad expression. The end of his career was only the beginning of a new way for him to test his mental abilities in the new conditions.

Leaving professional sports did not mean moving to a television studio and relaxing on the golf course. The Oscar for Best Animated Short Picture Dear Basketball in 2018 is a good start for a pensioner.

For many people in Los Angeles, Kobe was a reflection of their childhood, in which the Lakers were even more commonplace than they are now, despite all of LeBron’s promises of a return to former greatness.

Social networks are now full of nonsense, there is rarely to see something really strong or serious. However, sometimes even such banal things as a normal fast can cause a fever. LeBron overtook Kobe on points for his career, Bryant congratulated James briefly but heartily. It happened just 16 hours before the first news of the tragedy emerged. Then, just 16 hours ago, Coby was alive. Notice – Kobe wrote something. Notice – and Coby is suddenly gone.

If a person is something more than life, it still does not save him from death. It just tells us that a person has used his time to the max. Kobe Bryant was a star, but there are a lot of stars. He was a legend. Kobe was a Mambo, a competitive athlete, a writer, a thinker, a father. He had his flaws, but he always strived for perfection. Kobe almost managed to achieve it.”

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