Analysts named the main risks for the U.S. and Americans in 2021

Analysts named the main risks for the U.S. and Americans in 2021

An American consulting group has ranked the threats to humanity in 2021. In the first place, of course, it put the split in American society, half of which does not and will not trust the president, who was elected and dragged into power by the other half. It’s an understandable theme. They are the ones who are still shaking after the recently ended presidential race. Such a campaign of universal love and unity of the American people has turned out … The star-spangled people are fighting like hell. And this is just the beginning. They blame anybody for it: us, the Chinese, the Persians, or anyone else but themselves, but the hatred towards each other is so boiling …
However, what "sanctity" of this pompous building, all American democracy, and history of this country can be talked

Naturally, journalists started calling with questions. They can’t just pass by the information agencies’ reports that someone somewhere in America has said something. It does not matter what. Maybe he said something stupid, or blatantly lied, or decided to run a news duck, or maybe it was really something worthwhile – why should they care? The main thing is that the topic has emerged, it is necessary to discuss it, to start a discussion from scratch, and then, you see, readers, listeners, and viewers come up, and then the advertisers… In general, it is clear. The mechanism is simple, well-tested, and proven. And you’re wasting your time with all this bullshit.

Their question, in this case, was predictable, as the result of a teenage binge in the absence of parents: is there really no greater threat to the world than to divide America? And, in fact, why not? For us, for China and Vietnam, for Iran and Korea, and even for Europe, wouldn’t it be far more beneficial if Americans finally minded their own business and their own problems? Would they stop sending troops all over the world and bombing and shelling? Like we used to say in the ’60s? Yankees, go home? Will they stop meddling in other people’s affairs, is that a bad thing? They are of no use anyway, only detrimental. Although they claim exactly the opposite, do it with great enthusiasm and believe it themselves. Not all, but very, very many.
President-elect Joe Biden Thursday unveils his plan to combat the coronavirus, which includes accelerating vaccinations
The rest is left to clean up the mess they have made, to correct their mistakes, and try to clean up where they have shat. And they do it in a big way. At the same time, they are surprisingly irresponsible to the rest of the world, which they clearly believe to be a playground for their own amusement and stupid experiments. And if they weren’t so hopelessly stupid, pushy, brash, greedy, and arrogant… Well, if Grandma had balls, she’d be Grandpa. It’s an old saying, but it’s true. Of course, there is an America that stays away from its neighbors, minding its own business, and it’s pretty damn attractive, but go get them! So, as it will be, so it will be.

There is no point in pushing them to split, they will strangle themselves better than any enemy. All the rest have to do is to stock up on popcorn, sit back and watch, managing to scare them off in time or, on the contrary, get out of the way themselves, when, clutching at their purely internal brawl, they start attacking their neighbors on the planet like rabid lunatics. In any case, there has not yet been a power that has existed forever. For the last few thousand years, we can be calm. Why would the United States be an exception? Because Fukuyama wrote stupidly about the end of history and the ultimate victory of liberal democracy over all the others who have resisted its wildly, as it turns out, dictatorial and wildly unjust hegemony? Well, it sure as hell ended. Well, America has rushed to its end. A standing ovation. Will it get the world in trouble? Of course, it will. That’s what we’ll have to solve. Probably without the United States.

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