And if the coronavirus enters the army: thoughts on a pandemic

And if the coronavirus enters the army: thoughts on a pandemic

The panic associated with the spread of the coronavirus, pandemic and its associated consequences for the economy and culture of not only individual countries, but also humanity as a whole, could not fail to cause reasonable questions to the military. What happens if the virus detects in military units? In such circumstances, the army can perform its tasks? Can the army really help to eliminate the danger?

Agree, the questions are not idle. For any relation to the pandemic, the army causes most people a great amount of fear.

First, military bands are the best suited for the spread of the virus. A large number of people concentrated in one place is not conducive to the limitation of contacts. Imagine what would happen if the coronavirus will penetrate into the closed portion, for example, videoconferencing? Or connection, controlling an Intercontinental ballistic missile?

Secondly, modern weapons often require the crew to function properly. The absence of even one of the crew members will result in the loss of the combat capability of the whole system. If necessary preventive measures with the contactees, the infection of one team member lead to an automatic exclusion of the entire crew.

Third, traditionally in Russia, the army provides for the observance of quarantine. Army units to block the infected area. Army doctors along with specialists engaged in direct work with patients. The army provides quarantine everything from mobile hospitals to food and hygiene.

Fourthly, the army has the necessary equipment and machinery that are needed for carrying out disinfection, degassing, deactivation. Equipment, which is able to eliminate large pockets of infection. And to do it in units and parts of NBC protection in all environments.

Try to understand that I can oppose our military coronavirus. Moreover, to think of nothing. Most of the activities practiced in the exercise, details of which are quite affordable interesting. So what would happen if the military will be informed that some private garrison is threatened by the epidemic of coronavirus?

First of all army units blocking the area of infection. All the roads are set up roadblocks, which are not allowed in the zone civilians are either allowed after checking for viruses and processing equipment. It is a necessary measure. Just because modern man is so constituted that there are certainly “extreme” that you just desperately will need to enter this zone.

Further inside the zone will be held a full NBC intelligence. There will be samples of earth, air, water. This is necessary in order to determine the degree of infection and type of virus that caused the outbreak.

Immediately a question arises: why all this? It is clear that the coronavirus.

The fact that the necessary facts. Still, no one can say for sure the way the spread of infection. And laboratory, which heads the work in this direction, is located in Novosibirsk. Wait for the results of the military just can’t.

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What happens next is no secret to most readers. It takes place in processing equipment, personnel, location, and weapons. The monitoring work is carried out using chemical reconnaissance vehicles RHM-6. The countryside and the cars which in any way fall into the territory of the zone, and that, given the road network, it is possible. Transit car just for a couple of kilometers forced to enter the zone. A highway so constructed. But life, even with the threat of infection, will not stop. Someone always needs something urgently to take.

By the way, what I wrote above, it has already been done. This was reported to me just one of the motorists, who on 12 March went to the cottage under Volgograd. Well became a member of the NBC exercise regiment to repel the viral attack on the closed military garrison. On the road, he was stopped by armed people in masks and sent the car to the sink. Quality of wash water dispensing station (ARS-14KM) and sent on.

He told me about the incident with a laugh but then admitted that the heart skipped a beat. It was then when I saw “astronauts” in chemical protection and spray in hand. If anything had happened? Our people in this plan were prepared. I’m talking about the older generation not speak, even young people, which in school is not particularly talked about weapons of mass destruction, understands. Calmed down quickly once they learned it was only an exercise. Many remembered the “Golden calf”…

But this rosy picture does not exclude the presence of already infected soldiers and officers in the units. In this case, the parts are there OLEDB (in teams), Media or medical center (in the shelves), of Medway or paragraph (battalions). There are organized paragraphs of quarantine for the sick and contactees. In these cases it is necessary to evacuate to hospitals in the shortest possible time.

As you can see, the situation with coronavirus in the army is clear. With all the risks that carry with it a large crowd of people in a pandemic, the army has a significant advantage. First and foremost is the handling. Any unit or part can be really isolated from the outside world or to limit contact to a minimum. And therein lies the key to quick victory over the infection. So we should treat the pandemic simply as another challenge to our army. Another call. You just need to work. No panic and fuss.

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