Ankara condemns “anti-Turkish” statements of Greece on st. Sophia Cathedral

By | July 25, 2020
Ankara condemns

The Turkish Foreign Ministry says that Greece is the only country whose pressure on the Muslim minority is spelled out in the decisions of the ECHR.
The actions of the Greek authorities provoke anti-Turkish sentiments in society. This was announced by the Turkish Foreign Ministry after criticism from the Greek side of the change in the status of St. Sophia. This is reported by the press service of the Foreign Ministry on Saturday, July 25.

“Greece is the only European country whose pressure on the Muslim Turkish minority in this country is spelled out in the decisions of the ECHR, which turns a blind eye to the demolition of historic mosques on its territory and has no mosques in the capital,” said Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy.

St. Sophia remains open to all, and its transformation into a mosque does not contradict the provisions on the protection of historical heritage, Aksoy added.

“The opening of St. Sophia for worship meets the requirements of the 1972 UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage,” the representative of the Turkish side said.

In addition, Ankara condemned the incident with the burning of the Turkish flag in Greece and is convinced that the statements of Greece indicate an inconclusive attempt to wake up to the Byzantine dream, which 567 years can not get rid of.

Earlier, St. Sophia hosted the first namaz in 86 years. Turkish President Recep Erdogan stressed that Aya-Sofia was turned into a mosque not from a church, but from a museum.

In this regard, mourning was declared in Greece. In Orthodox churches in Greece declared mourning – across the country rang mourning ringing and mourning church services were held.

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