Another 2.6 thousand military medics sent to Wuhan

By | February 12, 2020
Another 2.6 thousand military medics sent to Wuhan

In total, during the spread of the virus to the city, where the most powerful outbreak of pneumonia was recorded, four thousand health workers went.
China’s army has sent an additional 2.6 thousand military medics to fight the coronavirus in the city of Wuhan. This was reported by China Central Television on Thursday, February 13.

It is noted that this decision was approved by Chinese President Xi Jinping. The reinforcements will arrive in Wuhan from land, sea, air and missile forces, as well as from other military units.

The first 1.4 thousand people have already arrived on the site and start work.

In total, the Chinese army sent 4,000 doctors and nurses to Wuhan during the spread of the virus.

Recall, according to the latest official data, the number of victims of coronavirus in China has grown to 1113, infected more than 44.6 thousand people, recovered 4,740.

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