Another bug found in PlayStation 5

Another bug found in PlayStation 5

Sony’s new game console is displaying content errors on the TV screen. This is reported by Wccftech with reference to blogger Alexander Battaglia.

In his Twitter, Battaglia drew attention to the fact that by default the PS5 is enabled to display content through the HDR (High Dynamic Range) media container, which offers a better and richer picture. However, when SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) is enabled, especially on old titles, the image may be displayed with artifacts.

For example, when displaying SDR games on PS5 and older PS4 Pro consoles, the latest console displays higher picture quality. On the screen connected to the PlayStation 5, in turn, various artifacts may appear and an unnatural rendering of blacks and grayscale is noticeable. Battaglia concluded that the problem may be related to compatibility errors between titles and the console. Blogger John Linneman, who responded to the publication, confirmed the problem in PS5. However, the author noticed that if the user’s TV does not work well with the HDR media container, then the SDR image will still look better.

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Reporters noted that Sony has not yet responded to the problem. “While HDR content in the future, there is no reason why SDR playback might be a problem for a new console,” the authors concluded.

Earlier, specialist Lance McDonald (Lance McDonald) said that the end of the battery life in the PlayStation 4 could ruin the console. If the battery built into the console is discharged, then the gamer may lose access to all saved games and progress in titles.