Apocalypse in the United States: wildfires killed 28 people

By | September 13, 2020
Apocalypse in the United States: wildfires killed 28 people

The raging forest fires in the U.S. in recent weeks have killed 28 people, including children. Dozens of people are missing, reports CNN.

According to the channel, the fires in California took the lives of 19 people, 8 people died in Washington state, and another one died in Oregon. Among the dead are children.

Tomorrow, September 14, US President Donald Trump will visit California. He intends to assess damage from forest fires and meet with local and federal authorities.

According to the U.S. media, there are about a hundred fire sites in the west of the country. The sky over San Francisco is red-orange because of the incessant fire, and the skyscrapers are drowning in smoke. The fire destroyed over 4 thousand buildings. The scale of the disaster is called unprecedented and is compared to the Apocalypse.

As the media reported, the fires spread throughout the western coast of the United States – from the border with Canada in Washington to the border with Mexico.