Apple patents car glasses

Apple patents car glasses

As us tech giant develops consumer electronics, may be associated with the production of cars? This may seem surprising but is likely “the Apple” in secret hatching plans to create his own car. One can only assume that it will be the same as another equipment brand full of innovation, and its price will be very high. Car indirectly the interests of Apple are confirmed by the fact that not so long ago, the brand has bought two domains — and

Now it became known that Apple is literally one step away from obtaining a patent certificate on automotive glass. They need to understand, not simple, and “smart”. Their novelty is that their design allows changing their properties by the user. As a key driver of change can be changed in the environment. And the glass itself will be a package of several layers concluded between the two panes of glass.

The idea of the patent “System with custom Windows” to provide the possibility of changes in the transmittance and conductivity of automotive glass. Thus, certain areas of the glazing can be dimmed. Also, this process can be run in automatic mode, for example, when the machine is in motion moving the Sun to create the driver and passengers maximum comfort. In addition, there is a possibility of the temperature controls inside the cabin.

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In terms of when people prefer comfort in everything, such a development may gain popularity and become a factor determining the choice of car.