Apple put off iPhone 12

Apple put off iPhone 12

Apple will delay the release of the next generation of smartphones. Such a decision may be taken in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, which affects delivery devices, according to the sources the Nikkei.

According to three sources familiar with the issue, the company is discussing the possibility to postpone the release of the iPhone 12 in a few months. The American technology giant is monitoring the situation with the spread of the virus and considering the likelihood of the release of its new generation smartphones. Apple traditionally releases a new line of devices this fall.

The main factor influencing the delay of the release of the iPhone called numerous delays in the supply chain. Apple also believes that the pandemic will affect the demand of the consumers. One of the sources said that top managers of the company want the first 5G smartphone to become a hit, which is impossible in the current environment. Experts the Nikkei noted that the decision to cancel the traditional iPhone release will be very difficult, as the company may lag behind other competitors in the market.

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“Apple will take a decision on the timing of the release of the iPhone 12 not later than May,” said one informed source. The company had to work closely with suppliers in March, to show them the prototype device and start pre-production. However, because of quarantine measures travel in China suspended. In the worst scenario, the release of the iPhone 12 might be delayed until 2021.

According to media reports, the first smartphone Apple released in 2020, was to be the successor to iPhone SE. Initially, the presentation of the device and its release to the market was scheduled for the end of March. In mid-March, many sources, including Forbes insiders, said that Apple moved the release apparatus.

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