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WHO stated that the incidence of COVID-19 decreased by half
WHO appreciated the idea of introducing covid passports

WHO appreciated the idea of introducing covid passports

Michael Ryan, director of the World Health Organization (WHO) emergency program, assessed the idea of introducing covid passports for travelers against the background of the spread of COVID-19.

Ryan said that there is not yet enough data on the impact of vaccines on the spread of coronavirus. In addition, immunity certificates are not now recommended as necessary for international travel, the WHO official said.

Coronavirus vaccines are not currently available to everyone, he said, so such measures would limit rather than open up travel options. “Secondly, we don’t have enough data right now to know if vaccination will help stop transmission of the virus,” Ryan concluded.

In January, European Council head Charles Michel said the European Union (EU) was thinking about passports for those vaccinated against the coronavirus. In addition, the head of the European Council said that the possibility that only those vaccinated against the coronavirus would be allowed to travel to the EU is being considered. He noted that this is a very sensitive topic, because in this case, many European countries may decide that vaccination will actually become compulsory.

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