Army takes control of downtown Beirut after clashes with protesters

By | September 1, 2020
Army takes control of downtown Beirut after clashes with protesters

Army units who arrived at the scene of the riots in downtown Beirut pushed the demonstrators out of the central squares and streets adjacent to the parliament,
The demonstration outside the parliament building in the Lebanese capital almost immediately escalated into unrest. Protesters began throwing stones and firecrackers at the police, and attempts were made to cross the security fences in front of the parliament.
Demonstrators broke traffic lights and surveillance cameras installed on office buildings.
The police responded with tear gas.

At the moment the clashes and unrest have stopped. All the central squares and the streets leading to them are controlled by the army. In parallel to mass demonstrations in Beirut is the official visit of French President Emmanuel Macron.
Rioters shout anti-government slogans, demand reforms, and the removal of religious leaders from power.
On Monday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun authorized the country’s ambassador to Germany, Mustafa Adib, to form a new government.
Following the bombing of the port of Beirut on 4 August, the Government of Hassan Diyab, formed at the end of January 2020, resigned. Diyab’s government was formed three months after The Head of Cabinet, Saad Hariri, resigned amid mass anti-government demonstrations. The Diyab Government was designed to pull Lebanon out of the economic and financial crisis, but external and domestic political pressures, as well as the coronavirus pandemic, prevented the Cabinet from building public confidence and reforms.

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