Arrests for fakes about new virus begin in China | TOP-NEWS
Arrests for fakes about new virus begin in China

Arrests for fakes about new virus begin in China

One person was arrested for disseminating false information and a preventive interview was held with 34 other residents.
A local man was detained in the Chinese city of Tianjin for distributing fake data about coronavirus. This is reported by Xinhua with reference to the city’s Department of Public Security (UB).

A preventive conversation was also held with 34 residents of the city. In addition, six law-enforcement offenders have been detained.

According to Chen Yudong, head of the Tianjin UOB, publications on the Internet on the coronavirus topic is constantly being monitored. If false information is found, the offender is dealt a severe blow under the law to prevent public panic.

“The City Department of Public Safety has stepped up surveillance of malicious rumors about the spread of pneumonia on the Internet,” the statement reads.

Recall, the number of victims of the new coronavirus in China rose to 132, the number of infected with coronavirus amounted to 5,974 people. Based on confirmed cases elsewhere in the world, the total number of people infected is 6,052.

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