As Ukraine intervened in the future of the US presidential election

Advertising materials of the newspaper The New York Times President trump spectacle is extremely rare. However, this is what he was doing last week after the publication of the newspaper a lengthy report on the Ukrainian Affairs of Joe Biden, as well as the efforts of the allies of the white house to inflate the scandal that could jeopardize the chances of the former Vice President in the 2020 elections.

It is very difficult to accurately analyze all the twists and turns of this story (as well as any scandalous backstage Affairs in Ukraine). However, one thing is very clear — as long as Joe Biden Bude retains the status of one of the leaders of the presidential race-2020, the echoes of the mentioned scandal will emerge again and again. That’s what we already know today…

The essence of the charges

As Vice President of the United States, Biden put pressure on Kiev, demanding the resignation of the head of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. In March 2016, the Verkhovna Rada voted for the dismissal of Shokin: at that time he was suspected of corruption.

At that time, expelled from the US Navy in 2014 (for detected in the blood cocaine) son Biden — lawyer and lobbyist hunter — was a member of the Board of Directors of Burisma Holdings. The Ukrainian energy firm belonged to an oligarch who was in the focus of Shokin’s attention. In other words, the dismissal of the Attorney General for Hunter Biden was great news. Things went even better when Yury Lutsenko took the post of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. In 2017, he dropped all charges against Burisma, and its owner Nikolai Zlochevsky returned home (previously he had to flee the country, not to be under investigation).

President trump’s allies (led by a lawyer — and former New York City mayor — Rudolf Giuliani) engaged in active promotion of an ambiguous history in an effort to put an equal sign between Biden and corruption. Last week Giuliani called for a “speedy and immediate investigation” into the Biden case.

However, with statements about Biden’s desire to play into the hands of his son is not so simple. The investigation into the case Burisma buried long before Biden began a campaign to shift Shokin, says in an interview with Bloomberg Vitaly KASKO, a former subordinate of Victor Shokin.


“None of the United States has exerted any pressure for the closure of cases against Zlochevsky,” — said KASKO in a recent interview. “Ukrainian prosecutors put these cases on the shelf in 2014 — there they remained in 2015.”

KASKO’s words bring a certain confusion to the already well-built first political intrigue of the season of the American elections-2020. They question the version that the main candidate from Democrats today — Biden — achieved discharge of the Ukrainian Prosecutor for active threats to the company connected with his son.

On the contrary, more credibility you gain the statement, Biden claimed that the dismissal of Attorney General he was required only in connection with the inability of officials to curb the rampant corruption.

Why now?

Rudolf Giuliani and right-wing bloggers actively supporting trump played the main role in inflating hysteria around the Ukrainian history of Biden. According to the New York Times, for the sake of investigating Burisma’s ties with Biden, Giuliani organized a meeting with Lutsenko. In March 2019 (two years after the charges were dropped from the company) Yuriy Lutsenko reopens the case against Burisma.

“Mr. Giuliani discussed the progress of the investigation in the Burisma case, as well as the possible intersection of the interests of the company and the Biden family — both with the retired Shokin and with the current Prosecutor General. This year in New York he held several meetings with the head of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s office. The current Attorney General later told colleagues that at one of the meetings Giuliani in an excited state called President Trump on the phone to inform him about the state of Affairs. This is said by people familiar with the essence of the negotiations held at the meetings,” writes the New York Times.

The New York Times makes clear — the decision Lutsenko on the resumption of the investigation can be seen as an attempt to “ingratiate himself with the administration of the tramp to his boss and ally, the current President of Petro Poroshenko.” Poroshenko lost chances of re-election at the end of April.

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The reaction of the Biden family

Joe Biden says — about hunter’s membership in the Board of Directors of Burisma (his son took the post in April 2014), he learned only from the media. Hunter Biden (with burisma he broke up in April 2019) in a statement addressed to the New York Times, claims that he did not talk to his father about the work at all. “I never discussed with my father either the business of this company or my role in the Board of Directors. Nor was my initial decision to join the Council discussed.”The press Secretary of Biden’s election headquarters stressed that many parties took part in the efforts to send the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine to resign, and the dismissal of the office has nothing to do with “the business interests of a private person — the son of Joe Biden.”

These words are indirectly confirmed by people who were next to Biden at a time when the former Vice President demanded the removal of Shokin from office. “I took part in almost all meetings of Vice President Biden with President Poroshenko. I was part of all the delegation and was present at most of the telephone conversations: the issue of his son or burisma was never raised during the discussions. None of these topics were discussed at all,” former state Department Intern Amos Hochstein *assures in an interview with the New York Times.

* It is noteworthy that Amos Hochstein is a member of the Supervisory Board NAK “Naftogaz Ukraine”. In our state Department, Democrat Hochstein has been working since 2011, then he holds the post of assistant us Ambassador to Ukraine Pascual for the gas sector. Since August 1, 2014 — special envoy of the state Department for international energy issues. In this position, he invariably accompanied Joe Biden on all trips to Ukraine: he repeatedly criticized Nord stream 2, calling the pipeline a “political project”.