Assistant Trump: It will be hot in the election, stockpile weapons.

By | September 15, 2020
Assistant Trump: It will be hot in the election, stockpile weapons.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s aide on health issues, Michael Caputo, accused the professional scientists of plotting against the head of the White House and called on his supporters to arm themselves in the run-up to the November elections because Trump’s main rival, Joe Biden, would not admit defeat. The New York Times writes about it.

Kaputo is the public relations assistant to the head of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In a recent video posted on Facebook, an official accused the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of hiding a “resistance group” designed to discredit Trump, even if such opposition would result in more casualties from Covid-19. According to Kaputo, CDC employees “get out of their sports pants just to meet at a cafe,” where they plan “attacks on Donald Trump.

“Among the scientists working for our government are those who don’t want America to get better until Joe Biden becomes president,” the official said. – It’s a grave sin to let people die to be able to change the president.
He added that all those involved in this conspiracy “will go to hell. Kaputo also warned Trump supporters that they must be prepared for an armed uprising. According to his predictions, the incumbent president will win, but Democratic candidate Joe Biden will refuse to accept the election results as valid.

“When Donald Trump refuses to leave at the inauguration, there will be shooting,” warned his subscribers in Kaputo. – If you own a gun, buy ammo, ladies, and gentlemen, because it will be hard to get it.
Overall, the tone of Kaputo’s message was “deeply ominous,” according to the publication. He said that “all over the country, combat troops are training” to fight back the second Trump term.

“You understand that they will have to kill me, and unfortunately, I think that’s what’s going on,” the official suggested.
To a certain extent, Kaputo’s comments were just a reinforced version of the president’s own statements. Both describe government scientists and health officials as “disloyal,” questioning the fair outcome of the upcoming elections and hinting that left-wing groups are secretly plotting to provoke violence in the United States. But Kaputo’s attacks were more explicit, and they came from one of the most responsible coronavirus officials. He coordinates communications in a department with 80,000 employees at the heart of the pandemic, and oversees the FDA, CDC, and National Institutes of Health, The New York Times notes.

In addition, Kaputo’s Facebook comments were another sign of the administration’s deep antipathy and suspicion of its own scientific experts. The administration is increasingly demanding that scientists stay on the right side of Trump’s political agenda, the newspaper says. In the view of The New York Times, Kaputo, despite his statements, is unlikely to lose his position. Moreover, on the eve of Trump himself again began denying scientific evidence.

When the U.S. president visited California to express his solidarity with the fiery west, he challenged the well-established view of climate change.

“It will get colder,” the president said. – You’ll see,” he said. In fact, I don’t think science knows that.

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