Astronauts found changes in the brain

By | September 5, 2020
Astronauts found changes in the brain

Scientists have revealed the effect of a long stay in space on the structure of the brain. The study is published in Science Advances.
Researchers from Australia, Belgium, Germany, and Russia studied the brain structure of 11 Russian cosmonauts who spent an average of 171 consecutive days on the ISS. Scientists have made each of them a brain diffusion MRI – once before flying into space and twice after returning to Earth.
Scientists note that the use of neuroimaging techniques for the first time allowed us to identify structural and functional changes in the brain after space flight. In particular, it turned out that as a result of being in weightlessness for a certain time the distribution of white and gray matter changes, as well as the ventricles of the brain, which becomes more cerebrosary fluid.
Astronauts found changes in the brain
According to experts, in this way, the nervous system adapts to weightlessness and increases the load on those areas of the brain that are responsible for controlling movements. It is noted that the indicators come back to normal after seven months of the cosmonaut’s stay on Earth.

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