Attempt of coup d’etat prevented in Jordan

Attempt of coup d'etat prevented in Jordan
USA supports the Jordanian authorities

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan prevented an attempted coup d’état in which the former (until 2004) Crown Prince Hamza bin Hussein participated, reports The Washington Post.

In addition, a member of the royal family Sheriff Hassan bin Zayed and ex-finance minister Bassam Awadallah (former adviser to King Abdullah II), as well as several high-ranking officers, were arrested in the Jordanian capital Amman.

The data on the arrest of Prince Hamza bin Hussein are contradictory – according to the statement of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Jordan, Major General Yousef Huneiti, the prince is at large.

Following the announcement of the coup attempt, State Department spokesman Ned Price said US officials were closely following developments.

“King Abdullah is a key partner of the United States and has our full support,” Price said.

Abdullah II has ruled Jordan since 1999, before taking the throne, he led the special forces of the kingdom’s army.

Earlier, a coup d’etat was averted in Niger.

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