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Audi tests solution against aquaplaning

Audi tests solution against aquaplaning

When driving on a wet road at high speeds, the phenomenon of aquaplaning occurs. If you look closely at it, it appears that the tires are separated from the road surface by a thin layer of water. The car loses its grip, becomes uncontrollable, and causes serious accidents.

Different design solutions have been tried to solve the problem. There are also tires with a profile that reduces the effect of aquaplaning. However, no one has managed to exclude it completely. No one, except the German engineers from Audi company. They have developed a special system and started testing it on one of the serial models, produced by the automobile concern.

However, they did not develop this technical innovation by themselves and attracted several partners. Such respected companies as Bosch, Italdesign, and EasyRain acted in this capacity. The joint work allowed getting an impressive result – the test car Audi A6 equipped with the new anti-warping system A.I.S. is much better to drive on roads covered with puddles. The partners have revealed the principle of the new system.

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It includes a pump and two retractable nozzles. As soon as the system recognizes the presence of water in front of the tires, the possibility of aquaplaning is noted. At that moment, the nozzles are activated and a powerful water jet blows in front of the tires, removing any accumulated water. As a result, aquaplaning doesn’t occur and the tire is securely gripped. The engineers are satisfied with the work but intend to make a few improvements before it can be used on production cars.

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