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Australia recalls "eternal values" after sex scandal in parliament

Australia recalls “eternal values” after sex scandal in parliament

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison promised to “change the culture of attitudes toward women” in parliament and in the country as a whole after the rape scandal involving a press officer in the building of the legislature.
According to media reports, the head of government made the statement a day after it was revealed that Brittany Higgins, a press officer for the Australian defense minister, had filed a report with police about the rape, which occurred at the parliament building on the night of March 23, 2019.
For two years, the rape victim concealed what happened so she wouldn’t lose her job. After filing the report, she quit her job.

“What shocked me in the first place and continues to amaze me is that in this day and age, a young woman can find herself in a situation where she becomes vulnerable. And it’s not her fault,” the Australian prime minister remarked.
In response to the scandal, the politician acknowledged reconsidering the value approach to gender equality and to strive to do everything to ensure that in parliament and any other institution there is a comfortable working environment for all people.
“We are all responsible for this. We should have listened to Brittany. I listened to her and understood it all,” Scott Morrison concluded.

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