Austria has created the world’s tallest snowman

By | February 2, 2020
Austria has created the world's tallest snowman

It took 800 tons of snow, as well as about 60,000 euros, to create a huge snowman.
In the Austrian federal state of Styria made the world’s tallest snowman – its height – 38.04 meters. Representatives of the Guinness Book of Records registered this achievement the day before.

The snowman was built in the ski resort of Rizneralm. They called him Risi. The name sounds like not only the name of this resort but also the word Riese, translated from German as “giant”. In addition to growth, Risi is still distinguished by the lack of a belly.

Work on the construction of the huge snowman began in mid-December 2019, and snow for his sculpting was made with the help of two snow cannons, which are usually used to provide snow ski slopes. In total, about 800 tons of snow were spent on the creation of Rizi. The cost of organizing the action on its creation amounted to about 60,000 euros.

Previously, the world record was held by a snow woman who was made in the U.S. in Maine in 2008. Its height was 37.21 meters. The two-meter walls were more than 1,300 meters long.

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