Austrian Foreign Ministry subjected to cyberattack

The ministry does not rule out that the hackers could act on the instructions of a foreign state. Details in the department are not disclosed, but specify that the fact was quickly discovered and eliminated.
A large-scale hacking attack on computer networks occurred in the Austrian Foreign Ministry. This is reported by DW on Sunday, January 5.

“Because of the gravity and nature of the attack, it cannot be ruled out that this is a targeted attack by any state entity,” the agency suggested.

Details and consequences of the hacking attack in the Foreign Ministry are not disclosed. It is noted that the attack was quickly detected and repelled. A special coordinating committee was set up in the Government after the attack was repelled.

On the day of the hacking attack, Austria formally approved the program of the government coalition between the Green Party and the Austrian People’s Party, the ministry added.

Earlier, Iran hacked one of the U.S. government websites. Iranian hackers have hacked into a public federal database of government documents.

It was also reported that Microsoft accuses hackers from the DPRK of stealing data. North Korean hackers, according to the company, we’re interested in information about civil servants, research organizations and scientists.

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