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An Austrian scientist

An Austrian scientist spoke about the pros and cons of scientific work in Russia

Rudolf Valenta, an Austrian scientist, and professor at the Medical University of Vienna spoke about the pros and cons of scientific activity in Russia.
Valenta is working with a team at Sechenov University to develop a vaccine against cat allergies, and in collaboration with the Institute of Immunology to develop a vaccine against birch pollen allergies.

“It is very interesting to work in Russia, there are many positive things that I appreciate. In Russia, we make relatively quick decisions, start something, and then do not discuss it endlessly, and do not constantly make changes. Also, the registration of drugs in Russia is faster than in the EU,” Valenta said.
On the downside, the Austrian scientist cited the speed of submitting materials, even the simplest things. “For example, if I order some materials in Vienna, I’ll have them tomorrow. In Russia, we often have to wait months for the necessary materials to be delivered. And we also have a bit of bureaucracy there. I understand that everyone wants to check whether something is actually needed, but it drags things out a bit,” Valenta said.

“On the other hand, there’s something very positive that’s important to me, and that’s brilliant young people, smart and highly motivated, with a high willingness to work. Something that we in Europe are losing because more and more people are living in a comfort zone, including a large number of young people. I say this quite openly. If I go into a laboratory in Vienna now, I see that someone will be there, of course, and someone will not,” Valenta said.
According to him, in science, just like in big sports, you have to produce good results. “Russia is used to producing special results if it’s good for the common good. I believe that you can do what you want to do, nice in the first place, but what we (Europe) lack is the idea that something can be done for society,” the interlocutor added.

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