Avalanche in Turkey: Death toll rises

The death toll from the tragedy reached 40.
Rescuers on February 6 with the help of dogs searched the site of two avalanches in eastern Turkey, searching for the last missing person. The death toll from the tragedy reached 40. This is reported by the AP.

In addition to the dead, dozens were injured. Forty-seven people remain hospitalized on February 6. Six are in intensive care but are not in critical condition, the health ministry said.

Earlier it was reported about 38 dead.

Recall that about 300 emergency workers and security forces were called to the road near the mountain-encircled city of Bakhcesarai in Van province, after an avalanche that brought down a minibus. Five people were killed, seven were injured and two were missing. A second avalanche was covered by rescuers around noon today.

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